If you are on or around Yokosuka Naval Base and looking for a pleasant local food experience or some nice souvenirs for your friends, head to the Yokosuka Port Market.

The market reopened in October after two years of renovation and is only a short 7-minute walk from Yokosuka Naval Base’s Womble Gate. Shoppers are treated to a one-stop-shopping experience with many shops selling fresh produce and other groceries from Miura Peninsula. Grab some seasonal local vegetables, fresh seafood, meat and other souvenirs.

Head to the spacious food court area for a nice lunch with a splendid view of Tokyo Gulf and Sarushima Island.

Hungry? Sample the “Miura Fish Bowl” packed with local tuna, yellowtail, sea bream and horse mackerel sashimi for 1,800 yen ($12). Another must-try is the Tokyo Bay Fisherman’s Noodle with clam broth for 950 yen. Drop by the Yokosuka Beer Taproom for some great craft beer and roasted meats from the Butcher’s Table. Other stars include Buoscano’s lasagna and a soft serve from Yokosuka Gelato Factory.

Shop some of the great souvenirs like t-shirts, baseball caps and Yokosuka Navy Curry pouches at the Yokosuka Souvenir Shop.

Make plans to check out the new Yokosuka Port Market for your own pleasant local food experience!

Yokosuka Port Market

Location: 6 Shinkocho, Yokosuka City, Kanagawa Prefecture

Hours: 10 a.m. – 8 p.m.



Tel: 046-823-1015

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