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VIDEO: Simple, healthy recipe for Okinawa's Goya Juice

It’s not too much a stretch to say Goya is the staple of Okinawa.

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VIDEO: Japan Kitchen: How to make terrific Mapo tofu

As someone who loves spicy food, summer is the time I am most excited about.

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VIDEO: Taste of Italy: Cooking up Italian pasta in a microwave

As far as cooking is concerned, I am all for cutting corners. But, when I learned that pasta could be cooked in the microwave, I had to take it with a grain of salt.

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VIDEO: China Kitchen: Chinese-inspired sweet and sour pork recipe

Growing up, subuta, a sweet and sour pork dish, was not my favorite.

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VIDEO: Got a cold? Get well with some delicious Japanese dishes

Winter is the time where there are more chances of getting sick than in any other seasons.

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My Faves: 5 instant noodles in Japan

Instant noodles are not just a guilty pleasure. So, try one or all of the options below and itadakimasu!

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Taste of Japan: 5 things to know when eating sushi

My introduction to sushi was at my university canteen. Every week I would buy a small sushi lunch box filled with salmon, tuna, and other such exoticisms.

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Taste of Japan: Foreigners, locals crazy about Japanese curry

Most of my foreign friends tell me they didn’t know how much Japanese love curry until they came to Japan. Well, not only do we love it, but we actually have a very deep-rooted curry culture.

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My Faves: Tasty and crispy Japanese tempura

According to Showa Sangyo, a major flour manufacturer/supplier in Japan, it was in the Edo Era (1603 – 1868) when tempura became of part of Japanese cuisine publicly.

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What to know about Japanese superfoods

Just as in America, superfoods are currently a trendy topic in Japan.

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Taste of Japan: Take-out your Korean food faves in Ashikaga

Just like KPOP music, dancing and Korean dramas, dishes and desserts from the Peninsula are a hit in Japan these days.

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Green tea key part of Japanese culture

Teas from Asia, especially matcha green tea, are experiencing their moment abroad, so it wouldn’t be surprising if you’ve tried a few varieties already.

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Stationed at Yokota? Mike's Tex-Mex a great food option

A 10-minute walk from Fussa Station, the eye-catching yellow wall with red letters of “Mike’s Tex-Mex” invited me to sample homemade tex-mex foods.

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VIDEO| The wonders of Japanese convenience stores

Located throughout Japan, convenience stores sell virtually everything you need in daily life.

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