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Though it’s still chilly in mainland Japan, cherry blossom season is on its way. Tokyo, for instance, is forecasted to start seeing the pale pink blooms Mar. 18, according to the Japan Meteorological Agency.

While we wait for the arrival of spring’s main event, sakura season has arrived early at local doughnut chain Mister Donut.

Through the end of March, head to Mister Donut for the “Sakura Mochitto Donuts” lineup. The cherry blossom mochi-flavored doughnuts feature different decorations to represent the phases of the blooms.

  • Sakura Mochitto Tsubomi bud donut- This glazed doughnut is light brown and generously dusted with soybean powder. Takeout 162 yen/dine-in 165 yen each.

  • Sakura Mochitto Gobuzaki partial-bloom donut- It features a cherry red bean paste center, is half-dipped in strawberry chocolate and lightly dusted with powdered sugar. Takeout 183 yen/dine-in 187 yen each.

  • Sakura Mochitto Mankai full bloom donut - Coated in cherry blossom bean paste containing cherry leaves, the donut is topped with cherry-flavored chocolate flakes and glitter. Takeout 183 yen/dine-in 187 yen each.

  • Sakura Mochitto Maizakura falling blooms donut- This artistic creation is sandwiched with Hokkaido azuki bean paste and partially coated with white chocolate, topped with cherry-flavored chocolate flakes and two chocolate lines to represent two bare tree branches. Takeout 183 yen/dine-in 187 yen each.

The doughnuts are available for purchase separately or for 711 yen, you can take the set of four home with you.

Grab a taste of spring early at Mister Donut and get ready for the arrival of cherry blossoms!

More information: website.

(Mister Donut)

(Mister Donut)

(Mister Donut)

(Mister Donut)

(Mister Donut)

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