A summer of the sweltering sun calls for cold treats! Turn your favorite fruits into popsicles for a refreshing iced indulgence you won’t feel guilty about. Buy yourself a popsicle mold and popsicle sticks to get started!


Simple and easy! Blend some kiwi, pour halfway into the mold and let freeze. While you wait, blend fresh watermelon and add the watermelon to the frozen kiwi. Freeze again and ta-da!


Thaw a can of frozen lemonade. Pour lemonade into a pitcher and add 48 ounces of Sprite or water to the lemonade. Toss fresh raspberries into the popsicle molds, then pour in lemonade mixture and freeze!


Blend together a container of Greek yogurt, a can of thawed orange juice, a couple of bananas and a tablespoon of lime juice. For a small twist, add the zest of one lime. Simply freeze the puree!


Place half of a honeydew melon, 1/3 cup sugar, 5-10 mint leaves and one tablespoon of lime juice into the blender… Blend, pour and freeze!


Around four cups of strawberries, one peeled lime and 1/4 cup honey for the blender in this recipe. Sprinkle the zest of the lime into the mold and pour in the mixture. Freeze and enjoy.

After four hours the popsicles should be frozen and ready to eat. If you have trouble removing the frozen pops from the mold, dip the outside of the mold into hot water for an easy release. Turn any fruit into homemade popsicles for a healthy iced treat in these temperatures!

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