An account has been set up to fund search-and-rescue efforts for Mat Healy, a U.S. Navy civilian based on Okinawa who went missing Monday, Feb. 20, 2017, while skiing in Nagano, Japan. SCREENSHOT FROM GOFUNDME
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Okinawa-based civilian goes missing while skiing Japanese Alps

February 22, 2017
YOKOTA AIR BASE, Japan – A search is underway for a Navy civilian who went missing Monday while skiing the Japanese Alps at a Nagano winter resort.
A vistor examines the upper berths at the Train Hostel Hokutosei in Tokyo.  Photos by Japan News-Yomiuri

Elements of sleeper train revived as Tokyo hostel

February 21, 2017
In 1988, the Hokutosei sleeper express was the first train to use the Seikan tunnel to link Ueno Station in Tokyo to Sapporo, a journey of about 124 miles.
Photo courtecy of (C) JAFA

Three takes on Japan's X-League

February 22, 2017
Getting my first taste of ‘Amefuto’ at Rice Bowl - by Takahiro Takiguchi
Courtesy of Kyoto Seishu Netsuke Art Museum

Ancient art on display in Tokyo

February 17, 2017
What they lack in size, they can make up in value.Netsuke, or miniature carvings from ivory, bone or wood, were a way to carry items while wearing a pocket-less kimono.
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