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Take me out to the ball game: A guide to Japan's unique baseball experience

May 21, 2018
Home to Japan’s boys of summer - by Takahiro Takiguchi
The Navy said it is filing at least three charges against four officers of the USS Fitzgerald, including the commanding officer, who was Cmdr. Bryce Benson at the time. A Navy investigation found that Benson left the ship's bridge before the collision. Also facing charges are two lieutenants and one lieutenant junior grade, whose names were not disclosed.  U.S. NAVY PHOTO
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Commander in Fitzgerald collision asserts innocence, attacks Navy’s claims

May 17, 2018
WASHINGTON — Lawyers for the former USS Fitzgerald commander in charge during the ship’s deadly collision last year are firing back against a series of Navy statements that they...

Traditional portable dish highlights lunch in the Land of Rising Sun

May 17, 2018
During lunch, you may have witnessed a Japanese coworker eating out of a home-packed box.

MY FAVES: Castles throughout Japan

May 16, 2018
Japan is home to many majestic castles. They are symbols of the country’s history, culture and pride. Showcasing some the nation’s most traditional architecture, they conjure...
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