Photo courtesy of Tree Cross Adventure

Let's have zippin' good time at adventure park near Atsugi!

August 22, 2018
Looking for an exciting outdoor experience to take your family or group of friends?
Photos by James O'Leary

Exploring Fuji Five Lakes a family adventure

August 22, 2018
You probably know all about the Saiko Forest, ice caves and different views of Fuji, but what else is there to do around Japan's great lakes?
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Depachika: Foodie heaven in Japanese department store basements

August 20, 2018
If you are new to Japan, you might not be aware that culinary wonderlands are spread under the majestic façades of department stores.
Photo by Tetsuo Nakahara

This will literally drive you up the wall in Japan

August 18, 2018
As a kid, I used to dream about how cool it would be to crawl up the walls of skyscrapers like Spiderman. Well, I recently had chance to experience something like it while scaling...

MY FAVES: Castles throughout Japan

August 21, 2018
Japan is home to many majestic castles. They are symbols of the country’s history, culture and pride. Showcasing some the nation’s most traditional architecture, they conjure...

Lots of great events happening in Japan!

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August 16, 2018
Editor's note: There's a lot of stuff happening off base, so read below and then head off for some fun! (This was updated Aug. 16)