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Tokyo Neighborhood Guide: The ultimate guide to cherry blossom viewing in Tokyo

Heartlands: Local gems in the overlooked periphery of Tokyo

Photo Of The impressive array of hina dolls across all the stone steps leading to Tomisaki Shrine is a must-see!

Celebrate Hinamatsuri, Japan’s doll festival, with delicious and auspicious meals!

Every March 3 in Japan is Hinamatsuri, a special Japanese holiday set aside to commemorate the growth, happiness, and prosperity of young girls.

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Japan features on Wanderlust's Readers Choice Awards

In the Most Desirable Country in the World category, Japan came in second place – beaten out only by Australia.

Photo Of A whale is jumping.

Watching whales off Okinawa

Whale watching is a fun and exhilarating thing to do. Many people likely would agree with that. I knew for me though, a few hours out at sea aboard a boat would be a big test. Having never been a good swimmer, an extended time on the water made me nervous.

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Tokyo for Art Lovers: The best galleries to drop by in the city

Tokyo is a true cultural hub that offers endless options for art museums and galleries.

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In Japan, it’s not just cherry blossoms heralding spring’s arrival

In early February, Japan marks the old lunar calendar’s last day of winter on what is called Setsubun.

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Did you know?: Tokyo Station area used to be part of the Edo Bay

The land that Tokyo Station currently sits on was once part of the Edo Bay. The center of Tokyo used to be called Edo, and most of the district was sea, ponds and badly marshy.

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VIDEO: Explore Hibiya Broadway to encounter Godzilla and Pokémon

In the heart of metropolitan Tokyo you’ll find Hibiya, Yurakucho and Marunouchi district known for their many venues to enjoy film and performing arts.

Photo Of Image of spring traditions inJapan

MY FAVES: Japan’s Spring traditions

During your time in Japan, you might have noticed that we have many traditions to go with every one of the four seasons. Spring brings a bounty of flowers, seasonal foods and traditions for you to experience.

Photo Of Image of plum blossoms in Hagi, Japan.

Hagi Okan Plum Garden Fest runs through Mar. 10

The Hagi Okan Plum Garden is home to an impressive 300 plum trees encompassing 11 varieties, and they bloom from the end of January to mid-March.

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Japan celebrates emperor’s birthday Feb. 23

Employees in Japan will have the day off and government offices will be closed on this day so plan ahead if you have official business.

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7 scenic lighthouses in Japan

As an island nation, Japan has a significant coastline – and the varied topography including rugged cliffs, intricate bays, and narrow straits means lighthouses are necessary to guide ships through diverse maritime environments.

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Sumo Spotting: Where to see Japan’s mightiest warriors

Sumo wrestling comes with a history spanning back thousands of years, and is so revered that it has earned the title of Japan’s National Sport.

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Surviving sento - Japanese public bath

Japan’s youth driving the sento revival. “I am sure there are things that can’t be cured by a good bath, but I can’t think of one,” writes Sylvia Plath in “The Bell Jar.”

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