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Tokyo Neighborhood Guide: The ultimate guide to cherry blossom viewing in Tokyo

Heartlands: Local gems in the overlooked periphery of Tokyo

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Did you know?: Very expensive Oma maguro (tuna)

In Japan, the first auction of the year at the Tokyo Fisher Market always draws people’s attention because of the astronomical prices.

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Rub elbows with Tokyo salarymen, enjoy savory Japanese yoshoku

In Japan, diners will find plenty of places to try “yoshoku,” a Japanese take on French, Italian or Spanish dishes.

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Taste of Japan: Ichinokura serves fresh seafood in Omicho Market, Kanazawa City

Tucked away in Kanazawa, a beautiful, large castle city where history and elegance meet, Omicho Market has been at the center of the town’s food culture for over 300 years.

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How ramen became instant lunchtime hit in Japan

It’s lunchtime and you’re looking for something quick and cheap to eat. But you have your eyes and mind set on either a big bowl of noodles, a hamburger, or curry and rice.

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VIDEO: Speakin’ Japanese lesson: Thank you for the meal

In Japan, before you eat a meal, you say “itadakimasu” to express appreciation for those who cooked the food.

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Taste of Japan: Kanda Yabu Soba in Tokyo

When considering the quintessential dish of Tokyo, it would be heretical to not place Kanda Yabu Soba’s kamo-nanban soba on the shortlist.

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Why tempura so tempting to Japanese, foreigners

If you think tempura is just another fried food – think again. This quintessential Japanese cuisine dates back to the Edo Period (1603-1867) and is perhaps second only to sushi as Japan’s culinary contribution to the world.

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Tsukemono: More than a condiment for Japanese meals

The tiny dish of tsukemono (“pickles”) that appears as part of every meal in Japan is not just an afterthought.

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Let's weed through edible wild flora in Japan

Spring is here. A time for cherry blossoms, baseball and, in Japan, eating wild plants from the mountainside.

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Taste of Japan: Tidbits about Japanese pickled plums

“Umeboshi” is a very sour pickle made by fermenting plums. You will see umeboshi in Japanese lunch or bento boxes sold in the super market.

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You know Valentine’s Day, now get to know Japan’s White Day

In the West it’s common practice for men and women to exchange gifts on February 14th. But in Japan, women are the ones to make the first move.

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Suiton: How to make a favorite Japanese 'inaka recipe'

When the breeze turned crisp and the windows of my Japanese grandmother’s home began to drip with condensation, it was a strong indication that my family would be feasting on our favorite “inaka recipe” for dinner.

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Japanese savor the cold months with these 8 winter comfort foods

With Japan's winter a season of cold, dry weather with much of the nation experiencing snowfall, it's the perfect time for sipping hot sake, relaxing in an outdoor hot spring and chowing down on a variety of special dishes!

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