Winter in Enoshima, Japan: Crisp sea breezes and clear skies

A close up of the Majestic Mount Fuji
A close up of the Majestic Mount Fuji

Winter in Enoshima, Japan: Crisp sea breezes and clear skies

by Steve Morton
Japan Travel

Wintertime is probably not the season when most people would consider substituting the comfort and warmth of their own home for the cold sea breezes. However, as part of Japan's New Year Festivities, I decided to visit Enoshima where I was able to experience a very different side to this popular seaside town when taking a long walk on a winter’s day.

Yuigahama Beach

Because of its various attractions, easy access to major nearby cities and close proximity to the historic town of Kamakura, Enoshima has become a magnet for attracting numerous visitors throughout the year. While many sun worshippers and beach dwellers usually flock here during the summer, I recently discovered that winter is probably the best time to see some legendary views of the enigmatic mount Fuji, since the colder winter skies offer much clearer views where it is possible to see for miles into the distance.

Even though it is winter, I could still see many surfers.

Starting at Yuigahama beach, which is about a 20 minute walk south of Kamakura Station, I walked for about three hours along the coast passing by Inamuragasaki and Shichirigahama beaches before reaching the entrance to Enoshima Island. During this long walk, I was fortunate enough to see some almost postcard perfect views of Mount Fuji in the distance. Even though I have come here on several other occasions during the summer, I could immediately appreciate the much clearer winter skies, especially when taking a rest at Inamuragasaki. As an added bonus, I also experienced something very unusual upon this visit to Enoshima, room to breathe! Although there were still admittedly a handful of other people around, it was nowhere near as busy as during the summer months, except of course for some dedicated surfers who are somehow able to ignore the elements while waiting for that big wave to come along.

The first view of Mount Fuji WHen approaching Inamuragasaki.



From JR Kamakura Station, Yuigahama Beach is about a 20 minute walk south along the main road which runs from Tsurugaoka Hachimangu Shrine. Alternatively, from Kamakura Station, take the Enoden Line to Yuigahama Station which is two minute ride and costs about 200 Yen. Because this walk ends at Enoshima, there is the choice of going home via the Enoden or Odakyu line, in addition to the more scenic Shonan Monorail


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