VIDEO: Virtual Vacation: Beautiful nature of Amami Oshima, Kagoshima

VIDEO: Virtual Vacation: Beautiful nature of Amami Oshima, Kagoshima

by Shoji Kudaka
Stripes Japan

Welcome to virtual vacation video series where we can explore destinations from the comfort of our home.

Join us as we take a short virtual journey to Amami Oshima.

From Tokyo, it takes a 2.5-hour flight go get to this remote island between Okinawa’s main island and Kagoshima’s mainland. From Naha, you can take either a one-hour flight or a 14-hour ferry ride.

Amami Oshima is a popular tourist destination with plenty of nature, culture, activities, and food.

Some of the must-see spots in Amami Oshima include:

Ayamaru Misaki– This cape on the northeastern coast of the island offers a nice view of coral reefs and the sub-tropical jungle thick with sago palms. Try grass skiing or let the kids roam free on the playground at the park here which boasts a great ocean view.

Tsuchimori Kaigan– A beach thought to be one of the best among many beautiful beaches of Amami Oshima. This popular tourist spot with a white sandy shore and emerald green waters is just a five-minute drive away from Amami Airport and Ayamaru Misaki.

Kinsakubaru Genseirin – This sub-tropical jungle is home to huge fern trees and creatures designated as natural treasures such as the Lidth's jay and the Okinawa tree lizard. Enjoy the wild nature by trekking through the fern trees and canoeing by mangroves.

Last but not least, Ohama Kaihin Koen or Ohama Seaside Park is a destination you don’t want to miss. This spot on the northern coast will give you a great sunset view. Grab a bite at the restaurant or plan ahead for an overnight stay at the on-site campground.

While touring Amami Oshima, make sure you try some Keihan. Meaning “chicken rice,” this local specialty serves up rice in a savory soup cooked with chicken and dried shiitake mushrooms. Top that with dried laver, red pickled ginger, and pickled radish, and more to perfect the dish to your taste.

I hope you enjoyed a look at Amami Oshima through travel photos and that it's inspired your next trip. Stay safe and get ready to travel with us in our next video. Thanks for watching!

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