VIDEO| Speakin' Japanese: The sea breeze is so refreshing!

VIDEO| Speakin' Japanese: The sea breeze is so refreshing!

by Takahiro Takiguchi
Stripes Japan

The Royal Wing Yokohama Cruise and Lunch Buffet offers you a two-hour cruise in and around Yokohama Port while enjoying a high-end Chinese lunch buffet aboard the ship. The boarding point is only a one-hour drive from Yokosuka Naval Base.

After your lunch in the gorgeous dining room, head out to the observation deck for some fresh air and a panoramic view of Yokohama Port and it’s gigantic Bay Bridge, which is the symbol of the port!

Today's Japanese phrase:

“Umikaze ga kokochii desu!” 海風が心地良いです! = Sea breeze is so refreshing!

("umikaze" 海風 = sea breeze, "kokochiii" 心地良い = refreshing, ".. ga .. desu" ・・が・・です = .. is ..)

We are in the hot, steamy season, so let's go enjoy a cruise for a cool, refreshing sea breeze!

View the video of the Yokohama Lunch Cruise on the Royal Wing:

VIDEO| Enjoy luxurious lunch cruise around Yokohama Port (

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