VIDEO: Speakin' Japanese - Let's check out Stars and Stripes publications!

VIDEO: Speakin' Japanese - Let's check out Stars and Stripes publications!

by Takahiro Takiguchi
Stripes Japan

Stars and Stripes Pacific is headquartered in Tokyo, where we issue a wide-range of publications, including the daily Stars and Stripes newspapers, weekly community papers (Japan, Okinawa, Korea, Guam), along with various magazines including "Welcome to the Pacific," "Best of the Pacific" and "Destination Paradise." You may have had a chance to pick some up and check out the contents on your base or installation.


Publications of Stars and Stripes are filled with updated information, along with various fun news on culture, tourist attractions and foods in the Pacific region. They are a great way to stay informed!

Today’s Japanese phrase:  
“Seijoki Shimbun wo yomi masho!” = Let's check out Stars and Stripes publications! 
("Seijoki Shimbun" = Stars and Stripes (and its publications), "seijoki" = stars and stripes (the flag of the United States), "shimbun" = newspaper, ".. wo .. masho" = let's.., "yomi" = read/check out)
Stay safe and stay informed with our publications!

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