VIDEO| Speakin' Japanese: 5 useful phrases in daily life

VIDEO| Speakin' Japanese: 5 useful phrases in daily life

by Takahiro Takiguchi
Stripes Japan

Here are some useful Japanese phrases in daily life:

  1. You just met someone in Japan for the first time. Do you know how to greet them properly in Japanese?
  2. When you walk into a restaurant or store in Japan, you are greeted by employees. But what are they saying and how do you pronounce it?
  3. When you sit down eat in Japan, you'll notice many Japanese putting their hands together and saying one word: Ita-da-ki-masu. It's simply a way for the Japanese to say thanks for the food they are about to eat.
  4. You're in Japan and you just finished up eating at a restaurant or someone's home. Now what? Well, there's something you should say to the watress or your host when you're done.
  5. If you're new to Japan, you'll notice folks bowing all over the place. It's part of the Japanese culture. Don't worry, we gotcha covered.




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