VIDEO| Meet Totoro at Tomari in Rokkasho Village near Misawa AB

Photos by Yoshihito Morita
Photos by Yoshihito Morita

VIDEO| Meet Totoro at Tomari in Rokkasho Village near Misawa AB

by Takahiro Takiguchi
Stripes Japan

My Neighbor Totoro or “Tonari no Totoro” in Japanese is one of the most popular animated films by Studio Ghibli. This film and many of Studio Ghibli’s other animated films incorporate many elements and landscapes found only in Japan.

Totoro fans may remember how the two lead characters Satsuki and her sister Mei meet Totoro after entering through a tunnel in the forest near their home. About 90 minutes from Misawa Air Base, you can visit a tunnel very similar to the one in the film.

Social media users have named the tunnel Tomari no Totoro and now visitors are flocking to the Tomari District in Rokkasho Village to have a look for themselves.

The natural tunnel formed by wind and waves of eroded lava is actually called Yajiroana and you’ll find the deep blue view of the Pacific Ocean greeting you on the other side.


“It was a hot day, but when my family and I went through the tunnel of about seven or eight meters, we were treated with nice sea breeze from the coast to cool us down,” Yoshihito Morita of the Misawa Commissary, said about his visit to the tunnel.

From the tunnel, you can also check out the Takinoshiri Otaki waterfalls nearby.

You might not find Totoro, but you’ll definitely find a great spot to take some photos and breath in some fresh, cool air.

Yajiroana (Tomari no Totoro)

Location: Tomari District, Rokkasho Village, Aomori Prefecture (90-minute drive from Misawa Air Base)


Tel: 0175-72-2111 (Rokkasho Village Office)

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