Top things foreign tourists want to do in Japan summer 2023

Photos by Klook
Photos by Klook

Top things foreign tourists want to do in Japan summer 2023

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Klook, the No.1 platform for booking travel and tourism in Japan, has released a list of the top things foreign tourists want to do in Japan in the summer of 2023. This list is based on the experiences that are expected to attract the most attention from tourists visiting Japan this summer.

Rising Popularity of Japan's Tourism

According to the Japan Tourism Agency's survey of consumption trends among foreign tourists visiting Japan, the average number of nights stayed by foreign tourists visiting Japan for tourism and leisure purposes in the January-March 2023 period (published in June) is trending upwards compared to the annual figure for 2022. In addition, per capita spending during travel in Japan is up 29.1% compared to pre-Covid 2019, indicating a trend towards spending time and money on "seasonal" experiences, not only in urban areas but also in regional areas.

Top Activities for Foreign Tourists in Japan in Summer 2023

The top things foreign tourists want to do in Japan in the summer of 2023 are selected based on the top categories of experiences and activities in search results on Klook.

With the end of the rainy season in July and the start of summer, activities that give a sense of summer are becoming popular. Among them, foreign tourists visiting Japan are particularly interested in activities that can only be done in Japan and that give a sense of "Japaneseness".

Below are the Top 10 Things to Do in Japan in Summer, followed by recommended activities to check out this summer!

Introducing Selected Activities

1. Fuji & Hakone Day Tour from Tokyo

This day tour takes you to the popular areas of Mount Fuji and the town of Hakone. Visit the fifth station of Mount Fuji and enjoy the scenery from 2,400m above ground level. Then, cruise on the magnificent Lake Ashi in Hakone on a giant pirate ship.

2. Kimono Rental in Tokyo / Asakusa

Immerse yourself in Japanese culture by strolling around Tokyo in a traditional kimono or yukata. This service, provided by Kimono Miyabi, offers not only kimono rental but also various options such as hairstyling and makeup.

3. Day Bus Tour around Shikisai no Oka and Farm Tomita (from Sapporo / with All-You-Can-Eat Melon)

This tour allows you to enjoy the colorful flower fields of Farm Tomita and Shikisai no Oka. Escape from the concrete jungle of the city and enjoy a relaxing journey in nature.

4. Day Trip to Kamakura High School (Enoden Experience), Enoshima, and Atami Fireworks Festival (from Shinjuku)

This day trip from Tokyo to Kamakura and Atami allows you to experience rich culture and nature. The Shonan area, Kamakura High School, and Enoden, which are very popular among foreign tourists visiting Japan as a pilgrimage site for the worldwide hit movie Slam Dunk, are very popular. From the experience in the historical and cultural-rich ancient capital, Kamakura, to the experience of going to Enoshima by the traditional Enoden train, and finally watching the fireworks festival held at Atami Port up close from a cool boat, this is a summer-only tour.

5. Day Trip to Takayama & Shirakawa-go (from Nagoya) with Hida Beef Lunch

This day trip from Nagoya takes you to the high mountains of Gifu and the village of Shirakawa-go. Stroll through the old town of Takayama and appreciate its quaint buildings and historical sites. Visit the village of Shirakawa-go and experience the traditional houses built in the unique gassho-zukuri style.

6. Disney Music & Fireworks

Japan's first-ever festival of Disney music and dynamic fireworks. Enjoy the synchronization of numerous Disney songs and fireworks in celebration of Disney's 100th anniversary.

7. Day Trip to Miyazaki with Guide (from Fukuoka)

Takachiho Gorge, famous in Japan, is also very popular among foreign tourists visiting Japan, and you can enjoy the beautiful waterfall scenery while strolling. The mystical experience at the Kami no Ike in Kumamoto is also popular as a uniquely Japanese nature experience.

8. Day Trip to Oishi Park, Oshino Hakkai, and Koedo Kawagoe (from Shinjuku)

This tour allows you to experience the best of Japan's nature and culture. Visit Oishi Park and enjoy the beautiful view of Lake Kawaguchi and Mount Fuji. Then, head to Oshino Hakkai, a set of eight ponds with crystal clear water from Mount Fuji. Finally, visit Koedo Kawagoe, a town that retains the atmosphere of the Edo period.

9. Swimming/Snorkeling Experience on Tokashiki Island in the Kerama Islands (from Naha / High-Speed Boat or Ferry)

This tour takes you to the beautiful Kerama Islands, where you can enjoy swimming and snorkeling in the crystal clear waters. The tour includes a round-trip ferry ride from Naha to Tokashiki Island, snorkeling equipment, and a guide.

So, there you have it, folks! These are the top activities that foreign tourists are looking forward to in Japan this summer. Which one are you most excited about? Let us know on our socials!


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