Tachikawa City, Tokyo - Museums & Galleries: Heritage and modernity all in one

Photo: Dick Thomas Johnson / CC BY 2.0
Photo: Dick Thomas Johnson / CC BY 2.0

Tachikawa City, Tokyo - Museums & Galleries: Heritage and modernity all in one

by Sleiman Azizi
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Not shy of its modernity, Tachikawa City offers up some quality museums and galleries. All within easy access to the local train and monorail stations, the city makes a trip to these locations quite convenient. Visitors have the opportunity to take in some Imperial heritage, polar science as well as a wide cross-selection of artistic genres. Here is a simple introduction to the museums and galleries of Tachikawa City and how to reach them.

Emperor Showa Memorial Museum

Located within the Showa Memorial Park lies the Emperor Showa Memorial Museum. Dedicated to the life of the late Emperor Showa, the museum features rarely seen images as well as items belonging to the man, including his office, car and even his botanical collection.

A 10-minute walk from Tachikawa-Kita Station on the Tama Monorail Line.

Namiki Gallery

An exhibition space, the Namiki Gallery is an ostentatious design of marble complete with a spiral staircase connecting the gallery's two floors. Exhibitions tend to suit Western-style paintings and sculptures but the gallery has also displayed numerous traditional Japanese arts like bonsai, kimono displays and ceramic crafts.

A 2-minute walk from the Tachikawa Station on the JR Chuo Line.

Polar Science Museum

Taking a focused look at Japan's Antarctic exploration and research history, the Polar Science Museum features some great exhibits and displays. From polar base dioramas and theatre footage, to expedition vehicles and Antarctic meteorites, there is a lot of detail at this free museum, making it a great way to spend a morning.

A 10-minute walk from Takamatsu Station on the Tama Monorail Line.

Tamashin Art Museum

An eclectic array of arts are displayed over numerous exhibitions throughout the year at the Tamashin Art Museum. Ranging from fine prints and famous children's books to traditional ukiyo-e woodblock prints and the region's cultural assets, the museum exudes a quality that is easily accessible.

A 6-minute walk from Tachikawa Station on the JR Chuo Line.

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