Start planning your 2023 Japan holiday today

Main image: PIXTA
Main image: PIXTA

Start planning your 2023 Japan holiday today

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Happy New Year! 2023 is an exciting year to visit Japan.

Since the country re-opened its borders to independent travelers last autumn, excited visitors from all over have started returning in waves. In fact, the number of visitors surged from 207,000 in September 2022 to 935,000 in November 2022!

With a further jump in visitors expected in 2023, it's important to start planning your dream trip to Japan - and start booking hotels and tickets now!

Four seasons, four great times to visit Japan!

Japan is back and better than ever! While its borders were tightened during the pandemic, an exciting array of attractions, shops, and more opened and are waiting for you. There are so many incredible things to see, do, eat, and experience.

Each season is bursting with fun. If you've been dreaming of Japan, start planning your trip with LIVE JAPAN now!

Winter: Enjoy the Sapporo Snow Festival (February 2023)

 In 2023, the famous Sapporo Snow Festival returns after being canceled due to the pandemic. Winter is an incredible time to visit Sapporo and see the giant snow and ice sculptures, chow down on authentic Sapporo ramen and crab, and then soak at a hot springs resort!

Enjoy a Japan ski holiday!

Japan is a premier ski and snowboard destination, with many resort areas sporting world-class diamond-dust powder. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned pro, or just want to enjoy gazing out at breathtaking snowscapes, you'll find your winter home in Japan.

Spring: Book now for Cherry Blossom Season

Japan's dreamy cherry blossom season starts toward the middle of March and lasts for about a month, with the "blossom wave" moving from south to north. It's a gorgeous time of year, with warm weather and cherry blossom "snow" when the wind gusts - you're sure to make so many lasting memories.

Hotels are filling up for the 2023 blossom season. Start researching for your trip itinerary now and book accommodations early!

Summer: Enjoy Aomori Nebuta Matsuri and other festivals

Summer is festival season in Japan. One of the most exciting ones is the Aomori Nebuta Festival, in the country's northeast. Held from August 1-7, this is a giant procession of enormous floats, plus music and fireworks and plenty of tasty foods.

If you're planning on visiting Japan in summer 2023, be sure to check out this and other fun festivals!

Autumn: Experience the magic of fall in Japan

Autumn is a terrific time to visit Japan, with stunning fall colors practically everywhere you go. Japanese gardens are especially brilliant at this time of year, and you can enjoy a relaxing cup of matcha tea while gazing out at the tranquil scenery. The season is also ripe with delicious delicacies, making it a dream time for foodies.


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