Speakin' Japanese: Let's enjoy summer of Japan! Let's go out for a town stroll!

Speakin' Japanese: Let's enjoy summer of Japan! Let's go out for a town stroll!

by Takahiro Takiguchi
Stripes Japan

“Isshoni dokoka ni dekake masenka?” = Shall we go somewhere together?
(“isshoni” = together, “dokoka ni” = to somewhere, “dekake” = go out, “masenka?” = let’s) 

“Shibamata ni ikitai desu.” = I want to go to Shibamata.
(“ikitai” = I want to go)

“Omise ga takusan arimasu ne.” = There are a lot of shops.
(“omise”/“mise” = shop, “takusan” = many, “arimasu” = there are) 

“Ano mise de kakigoori wo tabemasen ka?” = Want to try shaved ice at the shop over there?
(“ano” = that, “kakigoori” = shaved ice, 
“tabemasen ka?” = why not eat?)

“Shibamata wa ‘Tora-san’ no furusato desu.” = Shibamata is the home of ‘Tora-san’.
(“furusato” = home)
(Tora-san is a main character of popular film series “Otoko wa Tsurai yo” and a kind-hearted vagabond.)

“Kaeri ni eigakan de Tora-san no eiga wo mimashoo.” = Let’s drop by a movie theater to watch a Tora-san’s movie on our way home.
(“kaeri ni” = on the way home, “eigakan” = movie theater, “eiga” = movie, “mimasho” = let’s see) 

“Omoshirokatta desu!” = It was fun!
(“omoshirokatta” = was fun)

"Yuushoku ni yakiniku wa ikaga desuka?" = How about yakiniku for dinner?
(“yuushoku” = dinner, “ikaga desuka” = How about?)

“Ii desu ne!” = It’s a great idea!

“Kyo wa totemo tanoshikatta desu.” = It was great fun today.
(“kyo” = today, “totemo” = very/great “tanoshikatta” = enjoyable/fun)


Pronunciation key: “A” is short (like “ah”); “E” is short (like “get”); “I” is short (like “it”); “O” is long (like “old”); “U” is long (like “tube”); and “AI” is a long “I” (like “hike”). Most words are pronounced with equal emphasis on each syllable, but “OU” is a long “O” with emphasis on that syllable.

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