Speakin' Japanese: Let’s drive to ‘Island of Love’

Speakin' Japanese: Let’s drive to ‘Island of Love’

by Shoji Kudaka
Stripes Japan

Kouri-jima is a great destination of a quick getaway. It is known for having beautiful beaches for water activities and natural attractions, various eateries, and a tower, which commands a super view. Plus, the island is thought to be the stage of a legend of Okinawa’s Adam and Eve. Just a 1.5-hour drive away from Camp Foster, the ‘Island of Love’ will take you away from the ordinary.

“Doraibu ni ikoo.” = Let’s go driving.  
(“Doraibu” = driving, “Ikoo” = let’s go) 

“Anzen unten de onegai shimasu.” = Please drive safely.
(“Anzen” = safe, “Unten” = driving) 

“Kousokudooro no iriguchi wa doko desuka?” 
(“Kosokudooro” = highway/expressway, “Iriguchi” = Entrance, “Doko desuka?” = where is…?)

“Saabisu eria ni yorimashoo.” = Let’s make a stop at a service area. 
(“Saabisu eria” = service area, “Yorimashoo” = let’s make a stop) 

“Koi no shima to iwareru riyuu wa nandesuka?” = What are the reasons for the name “Island of love”? 
(“Koi” = love, “Iwareru” = being called, “Riyuu” = reason)

“Kouri-jima ni pawaa supotto wa arimasuka?” = Are there power spots on Kouri-jima?
(“Pawaa supotto” = power spot)  

“Adamu to Ibu ni natta kibun desu.” = It feels like being Adam and Eve”
(“Ni natta kibun” = It feels like being) 

“Koi no shima wa totemo romanchikku na namae desu.” = “Island of Love” is a very romantic name. 
(“Totemo” = very, “Romanchikku” = romantic, “Namae” = name)

“Ooku no koibito tachi ga koi no shima wo otozure masu.” = Many couples visit the “Island of Love”
(“Ooku no” = many, “Koibito tachi” = lovers/couples, “Otozure masu” = visit)  

“Kouri Biichi ni iku tokorodesu.” = I am on my way to Kouri Beach.
(“Biichi” = beach, “Iku tokorodesu” = being on one’s way to…)

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