Speakin' Japanese: Golden words

Speakin' Japanese: Golden words

by Shoji Kudaka and Takahiro Takiguchi
Stripes Japan

In Japan, a string of four consecutive national holidays sandwiched between two weekends (Apr. 28 to May 6) is simply called Golden Week. If you are out and about during this travel crazy week, here’s some ways to strike up a conversation.   

“Gooruden uiiku wa dokoka ni dekakemasu ka?” = Are you going anywhere during Golden Week?
(“gooruden uiiku” = golden week, “dokoka ni” = for/to anywhere, “dekakemasu” = will go out)

“Hakone ni ikimasu.” = I / we will go to Hakone.
(“ni ikimasu” = will go to)

“Doobutsuen ni ikimasu.” = I / we will go to a zoo.
(“doobutsuen” = zoo, “yuuenchi” = amusement park, “umi” = beach, “yama” = mountain)

“Nannichikan yasumemasu ka?” = How many days can you take off?
(“nannichikan” = how many days, “yasumemasu” = can take day off)

“Dooyatte sugoshimasu ka?” = How will you spend the period?
(“dooyatte” = how, “sugoshimasu” = will spend)

“Ie de terebi wo mimasu.” = I will watch TV at home.
(“ie de” = at home, “terebi” = TV, “wo mimasu” = will watch)  

“Dokomo kondeiru node, ie ni itahooga iidesu yo.” = Since it is crowded everywhere, you had better stay home.
(“dokomo” = everywhere, “konde” = is/are crowded, “node” = as, “hooga iidesu” = had better)

“Hidoi juutai desu.” = Roads are awfully jammed.
(“hidoi” = awfully, “juutai” = heavy traffic)

“Ginkoo ga shimatte imasu.” = Banks are closed.
(“ginkoo” = bank, “shimatte imasu” = is/are closed)

“Yoyaku de ippai desu.” = Rooms are fully booked.
(“yoyaku” = reservation, “ippai” = full)

“Ii otenki desu ne?” = It is a beautiful day, isn’t it?
(“ii otenki” = good weather, “desu ne?” = isn’t it?)

“Minasan tanoshisoo desu.” = Everyone looks happy.
(“minasan” = every one, “tanoshisoo” = looks happy)

“Yoi kyuujitsu wo.” = Have a good holiday.
(“yoi” = good, “kyuujitsu” = holiday(s))

“Mata raishuu.” = I will see you again next week.
(“mata” = again, “raishuu” = next week)

When on OKINAWA, you can also say it in “Uchinaanguchi” (island dialect) like this:

“Golden Week Ya Nuugana Suru kutoo Ami?” = Do you have plans for Golden Week?

“Wannee Hawaii Nkai Ichibusaa Souibiin.” = I want to go to Hawaii.

“Tokyo Sky Tree Nkai Icha biin Dee.” = I’m going to go to Tokyo Sky Tree.

“Chaa Yataga, Disney Sea?” = How did you like Disney Sea?

“Wannee Kunu Mise Ippee Shichi.” = I like this store very much.

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