Speakin’ Japanese: Parking your car

Speakin’ Japanese: Parking your car

by Shoji Kudaka and Takahiro Takiguchi
Stripes Japan

The following could be helpful and you navigate Japan and try to find a place to park your car.

“Koko ni kuruma wo tomete mo iidesuka?” = Can I park here?
(“koko” = here, “kuruma” = car, “tomete” = park, “iidesuka?” = Can I?)

“Koko wa chuusha kinshi desu.” = No parking here.
(“chuusha kinshi” = no parking)

“Doko ni kuruma wo tometara iidesuka” = Where can I park my car?
(“doko” = where)

“Chuushajo wa doko ni arimasu ka?” = Where is a parking lot?
(“chuushajo” = parking lot, “doko” = where, “arimasu ka?” = is there?)

“Asoko ni arimasu.” = There is one over there.
(“asoko” = over there, “koko” = here)

“Ichi-jikan ikura desuka?” = How much is it per hour?
(“ichi-jikan” = one hour, “ni-jikan” = two hours, “san-jikan” = three hours, “ichi-nichi” = one day, “ikura” = how much)

“Watashi no kuruma wo motte ikanai de kudasai.” = Please don’t tow my car.
(“watashi no” = my, “kuruma” = car, “motte ikanai de” = don’t tow)

“Chotto matte kudasai.” = Please wait for a moment.
(“chotto” = for a moment, “matte” = wait, “kudasai” = please)

“Ima sugu idoo shimasu.” = I will move my car soon.
(“ima” = now, “sugu” = soon, “idoo shimasu” = will move)

“Domo sumimasen.” = My apologies.
(“domo” = much, “sumimasen” = apologies)

“Mou shimasen.” = I will never do it again.

“Yurushite kudasai.” = Please accept my apologies.

“Chuujajo no tsukaikata ga wakari masen.” = I don’t know how to use the parking.
(“tsukaikata” = how to use, “wakari masen” = don’t know)

“Chuushaken wo morae masuka?” = Can I get a parking voucher? (Ask this at a supermarket or department store)
(“chuushaken” = parking ticket/voucher, “morae masuka?” = Can I have?)

“Mansha desu.” = The parking is occupied.

“Kuruma wo dashitai no desu ga?” = Can I get out my car? (Ask an employees at parking lot)
(“dashi tai” = want to get out)

When on OKINAWA, you can also say it in “Uchinaanguchi” (island dialect) like this:

“Chuushajo ya Maankai Aibiiga?” = Where can I find a parking lot?

“Kunu fin nakai chuushajo ya aibiimi?” = Is there a parking lot around here?

“Chuushajo made chanuati aibiiga?” = Haw far is it from here to a parking lot?

“Guburii Yaibii shiga.” = Excuse me.

“Chuusharyo ya chassa natouibiiga.” = How much is the parking fee?


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