Send the gift of Kamakura with Kamakura Mind’s winter gift packages

Photos by Sarah B. Hodge
Photos by Sarah B. Hodge

Send the gift of Kamakura with Kamakura Mind’s winter gift packages

by Sarah B. Hodge
Stripes Japan

Nestled between the mountains and the sea, Kamakura is only 25 minutes from Yokosuka by train but 1,000 years away. Seat of the first shogunate in 1185, ancient capital, and center of Rinzai Zen, Kamakura is blessed with beautiful nature, rich history, and a thriving artist community.

Kamakura Mind ( offers a variety of hands-on experiences to give participants a greater understanding of Japanese culture in English, including guided tours of Kamakura, nature hikes, craft classes, cooking classes, the Japanese tea ceremony, and Zen meditation. Founder Yukiyo Matsuzaki Smith started Kamakura Mind in 2018 to bring more people into contact with Japanese culture, art, and nature in her hometown by the sea.

For those unable to travel to Kamakura due to coronavirus, those who wish to take a piece of Kamakura home or simply to share the magic of Kamakura with family and friends, the Kamakura Mind limited edition winter gift packages are the perfect solution!

The theme for the Kamakura gift packages this winter is "warmth.” There are three different sets available, each perfect for a New Year’s or holiday gift. Winter gift packages are available while supplies last. Supplies are limited and sales will end when everything’s gone.

Sunshine (5,500 yen) features an Arboles mug by Rei Toyoda and a "Winter Family" tenugui hand towel by Sachiyo Nakamura. Rei's tree bark-inspired "Arboles" series is reminiscent of nature and is great for coffee, hot cocoa, or a cup of soup in the morning, and tenugui are versatile cloths that can be used as wall art, table runners, carrying bag and eco-friendly gift wrapping (they’re perfect for wrapping wine bottles too).

Mountain (7,500 yen) features a small Arboles bowl by Rei Toyoda, a "Winter Family" tenugui by Sachiyo Nakamura, almond cookies by Kibiya Bakery, and a chai kit by Anan Spice Co.

Ocean (12,500 yen) is a deluxe gift set including small and large Arboles bowls by Rei Toyoda, “Winter Family” and "Snow Bunnies" tenugui by Sachiyo Nakamura, almond cookies by Kibiya Bakery, and a chai kit by Anan Spice Co.

Director of Tokiwa Kobo in Kamakura, Rei (a graduate of the ceramics course at the Aichi Prefecture Ceramics Institute) runs popular Kamakura Mind pottery experiences. Sachiyo previously worked as a web designer and web art director. After going freelance, she attended a design and craft school in Sweden to deepen her knowledge of dyeing and designing and leads tenugui dyeing workshops at Kamakura Mind.

Orders from the Kamakura Mind gift shop ( can be delivered to Japanese addresses and on base via Japanese courier service; please make sure to include your tower name and room number using the following format:

238 – 0001
Honcho 1-Chome, Yokosuka-Shi
Yokosuka Naval Base 
Tower name + room number  
Japanese phone number

No matter which Kamakura Mind gift package you choose, the lucky recipient will have a unique, handmade taste of Kamakura sure to brighten the chilliest winter day!

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