Osaka Expo 2025: Experience the future on the waterfront of Osaka City, Japan

Photo: xalien /
Photo: xalien /

Osaka Expo 2025: Experience the future on the waterfront of Osaka City, Japan

by Liz Ong
Japan Travel

Japan has hosted two historical World Expos — Expo 1970 in Osaka and Expo 2005 in Aichi — and will be hosting a third World Expo, with the venue returning to Osaka.

The Expo is scheduled to take place in Yumeshima, an artificial island located on the waterfront in Osaka. Visitors will be offered a phenomenal view of the Seto Inland Sea from the Expo, as well as experience a multitude of phenomenal exhibitions.

Centered around eight key themes, a variety of thematic projects can be found within the Expo, each located in their own signature pavilions. These are designed by eight producers from various backgrounds, who have each contributed to Japan’s past and present in their own ways. Through these projects, each producer will continue to enhance Japan’s future and impact in today’s globalized world.

Each project encompasses each producer’s character, and showcases their prowess in their respective fields. Their pavilions promise a beautiful, futuristic exhibition that will undoubtedly impress visitors in their own unique ways.

Stay tuned for more information such as ticket prices, accessibility and opening hours. You can also head to Osaka Expo 2025's official website for live updates.

Venue: Yumeshimanaka When: Apr 13th - Oct 13th 2025

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