Northern Japan’s hot spring paradise: A definitive list of the best Hokkaido onsen

Northern Japan’s hot spring paradise: A definitive list of the best Hokkaido onsen

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There are a thousand reasons to love Hokkaido, from some of Japan’s best skiing to mouthwatering ramen! And if that wasn’t enough, Hokkaido also boasts some of the highest numbers of hot springs in the whole of Japan!

Surrounded by snow during winter and lush greenery over summer, many of these natural geothermal ‘onsen’ overlook breathtaking scenery, allowing travelers to relax, unwind, and re-energize surrounded by Japan’s natural beauty! Here is our definitive guide to Hokkaido’s hot spring scene!

Niseko Onsen Guide: The Best 6 Hot Springs in Niseko With Jaw-Dropping Views

For many, Niseko is synonymous with premium power snow and skiing, making it one of Hokkaido’s most popular destinations! As skiers know, a day on the fields is a lot of work, and sore muscles are a given.

Luckily, Niseko is dotted by onsen, offering skiers a quick way to heal their bodies and rest up for the next action-packed day! Surrounded by some of Hokkaido’s best views, it’s not uncommon for travelers to spend hours taking in the scenery!

Noboribetsu Onsen Travel: 5 Best Things to Do in Japan's Famous Hot Springs Town!

Another gem of Hokkaido, the hot spring town of Noboribetsu is on the bucket-list of onsen lovers everywhere! We’ve picked out 5 of Noboribetsu’s best attractions, which include the surreal Jigokudani ‘Hell Valley,’ along with other natural outdoor hot springs. If you’re looking for a more outdoorsy Hokkaido onsen experience, we’ve got you covered!

Jozankei Onsen: 5 Things to Do in this Cozy Hot Springs Getaway

Being the largest prefecture in Japan, finding the time to explore all of Hokkaido’s gems is a tough gig! That’s why we’re thankful for Jozankei Onsen! Only a 50-minute drive from Sapporo, this idyllic riverside onsen town has all the charm of a secluded paradise in a convenient location! With numerous hot springs and lodging options, plus free outdoor foot baths, this easy trip is worth doing all year round!

4 Popular Sapporo Onsen Hot Springs To Leave You Refreshed

To enjoy the wonderful onsen culture of Hokkaido, you don’t even have to leave the capital! Sapporo, particularly the suburbs, is bursting with stunning onsen surrounded by nature for a quick getaway from city life. Most of these onsen are less than an hour’s drive from the city center, so even those on busy business trips can get there and back in no time!

Weird Things Tourists Often Forget at Onsen in Hokkaido

While it’s tempting to just jump in the waters right away, before you start exploring Hokkaido onsen, there are a few things to know! To prevent you from accidentally offending the locals and getting into trouble, we’ve prepared a guide to Hokkaido onsen etiquette, rules, and tips so that you can rest easy knowing you’re well prepared! Even if you’re an onsen expert, the onsen of Hokkaido are a unique specimen that require a little additional prep, so don’t skip this article!

Having a look through these articles, you should have more than enough ideas for the ultimate Hokkaido onsen itinerary! With pristine waters, rejuvenating warmth, and breathtaking views, Hokkaido’s onsen are truly a different breed!


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