Nagasaki's fruit-themed bus stops: Public transport with an added dose of fun

Photos: STA3816 / CC BY-SA 4.0
Photos: STA3816 / CC BY-SA 4.0

Nagasaki's fruit-themed bus stops: Public transport with an added dose of fun

by Kim
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If you're planning to travel around Japan, it's likely that public transportation comes into the equation somewhere. There are numerous ways to get from A to B, and many of those options are extremely cute – for instance, the adorable Hello Kitty shinkansen that travels between Shin-Osaka and Hakata. It's not just the modes of transport themselves that have the kawaii factor, with many stops adding a bit of fun to the overall transit experience.

Some of the most unique bus stops in Japan can be found in Nagasaki Prefecture, and they take on a fun, fruity theme. Over a dozen stops along the route from Konagai to Isahaya are in the shape of watermelons, rockmelons, strawberries, tomatoes, and mandarin oranges, adding a cheerful element to any commute.

So what inspired these fruit-shaped bus stops in the first place? They were designed for the Nagasaki Travel Expo held in 1990 as a way to welcome visitors to the region, and their unique design was modeled on the pumpkin carriage from Cinderella, the classic folk tale by the Brothers Grimm. In recent years the stops have become something of an Instagram sensation, with influencers and travelers making the trek to see them and indulge in several whimsical and quirky photo opportunities.

Even if you're not catching the bus, the bus stops are still fun to check out when in the area.

Getting there
Nagasaki's fruit-themed bus stops are located along National Route 207 from Konagai to Isahaya.

For those accessing the area via Japan's train network, Konagai Station (JR Nagasaki Main Line) is situated in the middle of the route. Search for the following terms in Japanese on Google Maps to get more accurate location information:

  • スイカのバス停 殿崎 (Watermelon Bus Stop)
  • トマトのバス停 小深井 (Tomato Bus Stop)
  • ミカンのバス停 長戸 (Mandarin Orange bus stop)
  • メロンのバス停 平原 (Rockmelon bus stop)
  • イチゴのバス停 小長井支所前 (Strawberry Bus Stop)


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