Mukojima Hyakkaen Plum Festival in Tokyo Feb. 11 - Mar. 5

Photo: Hidetsugu Tonomura / CC BY-NC 2.0
Photo: Hidetsugu Tonomura / CC BY-NC 2.0

Mukojima Hyakkaen Plum Festival in Tokyo Feb. 11 - Mar. 5

by Kim
Japan Travel

Tokyo's Mukojima Hyakkaen Gardens first opened in the late Edo period, and at that time around 360 plum trees were planted. Since those early days the gardens have been known as a famous destination for enjoying plum blossoms, and there are approximately 20 types of plum trees on the grounds including Tsukikage, Hatsukari, Shirakaga, Dochibe, and Kagoshima Beni.

An annual festival at the gardens celebrates these much-loved blooms, with a variety of Edo period inspired street performances also taking place at the event. Please note that in the event of rain, the street performances may be cancelled.

Venue: Mukojima Hyakkaen Gardens 

When: Feb 11th - Mar 5th 2023



The Mukojima Hyakkaen Gardens are located approximately 8 minutes on foot from Higashi Mukojima Station (served by the Tobu Railway's Tobu Skytree Line), or around 13 minutes on foot from Keisei Hikifune Station (served by the Keisei Oshiage Line).

As there is no dedicated parking lot for the gardens, patrons are advised to utilize public transport wherever possible.


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