Japanese taxi driver recommends top Sasebo spots

Yumihari Observatory, photos by Yashira M. Rodriguez Sierra
Yumihari Observatory, photos by Yashira M. Rodriguez Sierra

Japanese taxi driver recommends top Sasebo spots

by Yashira M. Rodriguez Sierra
Stripes Japan

In Sasebo, many taxi drivers know me because I’ve inspected their cars as an auxiliary security forces member on base. I also sometimes take taxis to get to my apartment. Though I am no longer assigned that specific duty, many of the area drivers recognize me and we end up having short, friendly conversations.

This is how I met Hideo Ogushi, a local taxi driver with a deep love for nature and for Sasebo. I love learning so he’s even helped me with some Japanese words and phrases. Connecting with locals are the experiences that we should look for!

Ogushi recommended some great places to visit in the area for nature and fun. Below I’ve are these spots that my new friend suggested, so make sure to add these to your list!

Mt. Eboshi

Mount Eboshi is located in the northern part of Sasebo City and is part of the Saikai National Park. If you go up to the peak of this mountain by climbing, walking or biking you will be rewarded with a breathtaking panoramic view. The mountain offers 360-degree views of the city center and Omura Bay. The climbing difficulty level is considered moderate, so plan ahead with plenty of water and proper footwear. The mountain also has an observatory, a rest stop, restroom facilities and a parking lot.

How to get there: It is about a 25-minute drive from Sasebo Naval Base. From Sasebo Station, it is about a 35-minute bus trip on the A1 bus.

Yumihari Observatory at Mt. Yumiharidake 

Yumihadaridake offers amazing sights of the base and bay. I’ve made multiple visits at different times of the day to take in all of the views, but my favorite time to visit was at night. I like the night view because of all the lights from the ships and around. The observatory has vending machines, bathrooms, and parking space. 

How to get there: From Sasebo Station, take the Saihi bus for Yumiharidake observatory.

Shirahama Beach

Who wouldn’t like to cool off and spend a day at the beach? If you love the sea, you will just love Shirahama Beach! This beach has rocky shores and is visited by many locals and tourists. There is a parking lot available for convenience.

How to get there: The beach is about a 25-minute drive from Sasebo Naval Base.  
Address: 3248 Tawaragauracho, Sasebo 857-1235 Nagasaki Prefecture

At the end of our short conversation, I see Ogushi very happy that he is sharing his favorite spots with a foreigner! Like him, I truly believe that Sasebo is a blessed city. Full of the most wonderful places to enjoy nature and the region’s peaceful beauty. 


Author Bio: Yashira M. Rodríguez Sierra is originally from Caguas, Puerto Rico. She is assigned to Sasebo Naval Base. Rodríguez enjoys nature and moving to Japan was a dream come true. Before joining the Navy she was an artist and journalist.

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