Japanese Anime theme park Nijigen no Mori out of this world

Japanese Anime theme park Nijigen no Mori out of this world

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Nijigen no Mori is an anime theme park that immerses you in the worlds of your favorite Japanese anime and games, including Dragon Quest, Naruto, Godzilla, and Crayon Shin-chan.

Located on Hyogo Prefecture's Awaji Island in the middle of Hyogo Prefectural Awajishima Park, this theme park is an exciting place to visit for Japanese anime fans!

There's so much to see and do, you couldn't possibly fit it all into a single day! Lucky for you, they also have plenty of delicious foods and accommodations, so you may even want to spend the night!

What is Nijigen no Mori theme park?

Nijigen no Mori is located on Awaji Island, just across from Kobe City, connected by Akashi Kaikyo Bridge. The site is the natural terrain of Hyogo Prefectural Awajishima Park, which boasts an area of 134.8 hectares (333 acres).

Here you can experience all kinds of attractions based on the worlds from your favorite anime and manga!

Nijigen no Mori has attractions for everyone, from children to adults, and even those who may not be familiar with the shows. Pamphlets and displays around the park are available in English and Chinese, so foreign visitors can enjoy them as well!

Getting to Nijigen no Mori

View of Akashi Kaikyo Bridge from Highway Oasis

If traveling from the airport or the main railway station, you can catch a highway bus to Nijigen no Mori via Awaji IC across the Akashi Kaikyo Bridge, the world's longest suspension bridge that connects Kobe and Awaji Island. You'll also get an incredible view of the Seto Inland Sea and Osaka Bay from the bridge!

1. By Highway Bus
From Kobe, take the highway bus from Kobe Sannomiya Terminal, where the JR, Hankyu, and Hanshin lines are located.

・It takes around 45 minutes to get from Sannomiya Bus Terminal to Highway Oasis Nijigen no Mori Entrance by highway bus. A paid tram will take you from the bus stop to each attraction.
・From Sannomiya Bus Terminal, take the highway bus to Awaji IC, and transfer to the free Kita-Awaji Tour Bus to Nijigen no Mori Parking Lot F.

If traveling from Osaka, you can take an intercity express bus from Namba, Umeda, Kansai International Airport, and Osaka International (Itami) Airport.

Some buses will let you off at the above-mentioned Awaji Highway Oasis Nijigen no Mori Entrance. Otherwise, get off at Awaji IC. It takes about 1 hour and 45 minutes from Namba, 1 hour and 30 minutes from Umeda, 1 hour and 45 minutes from Osaka International (Itami) Airport, and 3 hours from Kansai International Airport.

You can also take a direct limousine bus to Awaji IC from Kansai International Airport.

Details on getting to Nijigen no Mori

2. By Car
By car, it takes about 1 hour from Osaka and 30 minutes from Kobe. As with the highway bus, cross the Akashi Kaikyo Bridge to the Nijigen no Mori parking lot (free of charge).

The nearest attractions to each parking lot are as follows:
・Lot A: Night Walk Hi-no-Tori
・Lot E: Naruto & Boruto Shinobi-zato
・Lot F: Dragon Quest Island, Godzilla Interception Operation, Crayon Shin-chan Adventure Park, Mori no Terrace, Grand Chariot Hokuto Shichisei 135°

Nijigen no Mori tickets

Godzilla Interception Operation Ticket Vending Machine

Naruto & Boruto Shinobi-zato Ticket Vending Machine

Nijigen no Mori is free to enter, although individual attractions require separate entrance fees. You can buy same-day tickets on-site, however, we recommend purchasing online in advance as entry may be limited.

Adult prices apply to junior high school students and older, and children's prices apply to elementary school students and younger. Children under 4 years of age are free.

Dragon Quest Island
・Adults: 3,400-4,000 yen
・Children: 1,400-1,600 yen
*Prices vary by season

Naruto & Boruto Shinobi-zato
・Adults: 3,300 yen
・Children: 1,200 yen

Godzilla Interception Operation: Awaji Island National Institute of Godzilla Disaster
・Adults: 3,800 yen
・Children: 2,200 yen (Age: 5-11 years; Height: 110 cm & up; Weight: 25-110 kg)

Crayon Shin-chan Adventure Park
・Adults: Master Course: 4,600 yen
・Children: Master Course: 2,800 yen (Age: 5-12 years; Height: 120 cm & up)
・Children: Kids' Course: 2,500 yen (Age: 5-12 years; Height: 120 cm & under)
・Accompanying Adults: 1,500 yen

Night Walk Hi-no-Tori
・Adults: 2,500 yen
・Children: 1,200 yen

Please see the official site for attraction information and ticket packages (official site available in Japanese, English, Simplified and Traditional Chinese, and Korean).

Book Online ▶ Nijigen No Mori Tickets

Surrounded by Nature - 5 Nijigen no Nori Attractions

Immediately after entering Lot F, you'll see Dragon Quest Island on the left. Continue down the main street for about 150 meters, and you'll see Godzilla Interception Operation: Awaji Island National Institute of Godzilla Disaster.

From Dragon Quest Island, it's about 500 meters to the Crayon Shin-chan Adventure Park attraction, Ora to Asobo! Nijigen No Mori, and about 700 meters to the giant obstacle course, Appare! Sengoku Daiboken!

The furthest attractions are about 1km away towards the back, the Reverse Bungee and Horror House, so you may want to take your time and check out the other sights along the way. Naruto and Boruto Shinobi-zato is closest to Lots E and F. Lot E is also closest to Night Walk Hi-no-Tori.

As the park is rather large, we recommend using a tram to travel between attractions. You can purchase an unlimited ride ticket at Highway Oasis for 500 yen along with your park ticket.

Naruto & Boruto Shinobi-zato (Ninja Village)

This attraction lets you experience the world of the popular anime, Boruto: Naruto Next Generations. Enter from Aun Gate, and step right into Shinobi no Sato, or "Ninja Village". Inside Hokage Rock is a three-dimensional, mystery-solving maze. To the right of that is another attraction that tests you with brain teasers.

Book Now ▶ Nijigen No Mori NARUTO & BORUTO Theme Park Admission Ticket with Shinobi-zato Original Postcard

When you purchase a ticket, you will receive two scrolls: Ten-no-Maki (Scroll of Heaven) and Chi-no-Maki (Scroll of Earth).

Ten-no-Maki 3-D Maze

Ten-no-Maki will take you through the same training course as Boruto's ninja school, through a three-story, 3-D maze.

There are two courses. The Uzumaki Course takes you on a search for a captive companion as you aim to reach the top, challenging various physical obstacles. The Uchiha Course puts your brain to work with even more puzzles to solve!

But don't worry, if you get stuck and can't seem to clear either of the courses, you can make your getaway through the "Give Up Exit"!

Chi-no-Maki Puzzle Solving

The Chi-no-Maki attraction is all about solving puzzles! Your mission is to restore the missing seals, just like a real ninja from Konohagakure Village!

Fill in your answers to the questions on the scroll. After clearing all 7 mysteries, a touching ending awaits!

Ninjutsu AR Smartphone App

A free smartphone app called Hokage wo Mezase (English: "Aim at the AR Light!") will let you take augmented reality (AR) photos at the Ninjutsu AR spot that makes it appear as if you are using real ninjutsu!

If you master 5 ninjutsu, your face will be displayed on the 11-meter-high Hokage Rock. Strike a pose and take a photo! We recommend downloading the app in advance from toward the bottom of the official site below.

▶Official App download

It takes about 70 minutes to clear both the Ten-no-Maki and Chi-no-Maki trainings. Those who opt to do the Ninjutsu AR Challenge may take a little longer. It also takes about an hour to get through the complete mystery-solving experience, Chi-no-Maki Gaiden. (*Separate entry ticket required for Chi-no-Maki Gaiden.)

The scrolls and apps for these attractions are currently only available in Japanese, but foreign guests will receive instructions for the scrolls in English, Simplified and Traditional Chinese, and Korean. Exhibits and puzzle-solving questions are also available in English, Simplified and Traditional Chinese, and Korean.

Try Naruto's Favorite Ramen at Ramen Ichiraku!

You can also try Naruto's favorite Ichiraku ramen! Choose from three types of broth: pork bone, miso pork bone, and pork bone soy sauce (1,100 yen each). The rich broth, thin noodles, and character-decorated seaweed will have you hooked! You can also try Sasuke's favorite onigiri rice balls, Akatsuki Cloud Okonomiyaki, and Orochimaru Sausage Coil.

Original Naruto Souvenirs

Konoha Shoten is packed with character goods featuring favorites like Naruto and Sasuke! (©Kishimoto Masashi Scott / Shueisha / TV Tokyo / Piero)

Godzilla Interception Operation: Awaji Island's National Institute of Godzilla Disaster

Godzilla has been loved by fans of all ages, all around the world since its release in Japan in 1954. That's over 60 years! In this attraction, a new story unfolds where you aim to capture Godzilla on Awaji Island over the course of four missions. If you clear them all, you'll receive an original Mission Card! (*Children must be at least 110cm and over 25kg to ride.)

Book Now ▶ Nijigen No Mori Godzilla Attraction Ticket

Godzilla Interception Operation Headquarters
First, head to the ticket office in the Godzilla Interception Operation Headquarters at Awaji Island's National Institute of Godzilla Disaster (NIGOD). Inside, you'll receive a briefing on the Godzilla interception operation before heading out to the attractions. Video subtitles and exhibits are available in English, Simplified and Traditional Chinese, and Korean.

Fly Past a Life-sized Godzilla Replica on a Zip Line!

In the fenced-in area, put on your harness and helmet, and head to the zip line entrance.

There are two courses. The Internal Invasion Course (162m) sends you inside Godzilla's body through his mouth, while the External Inspection Course (152m) lets you observe from the outside. Feel the thrill as you fly through the air, straight into Godzilla's mouth!

Godzilla Cell Shooting

In the Godzilla Cell Shooting attraction, you'll shoot at cells as they scatter out from Godzilla's body. Your score increases every time your beam hits a Godzilla cell!

A sounding alarm means an attack from Godzilla's cells is coming, so get ready to hide! If you don't escape in time, Godzilla's cells will attack you and lower your score! The attack lasts about 2 minutes and uses loud, impactful sounds and vibrations.

Godzilla Museum

The Godzilla Museum is the world's first permanent Godzilla exhibit. There's a diorama reproduction of the Tokyo Station destruction scene from the 2016 movie, Shin Godzilla, as well as displays of Godzilla suits and monsters used during the movie shoot, and over 100 monster figures! It's a Godzilla fan's dream come true!

Souvenirs at the Museum Shop

The museum shop offers over 100 original Godzilla goods, including key chains, cups, T-shirts, and towels. Who knew you could have so many cool and interesting Godzilla items! (TM & © TOHO CO., LTD.)

Godzilla Theme Park Opens on Awaji Island - Offering Chance to Zip-line Straight Into a Life-Sized Godzilla!

Dragon Quest Island: The Great Demon King Zoma and the Beginning Island

The game Dragon Quest was born in Japan in 1986, and has only expanded ever since, along with its fan base. In this attraction, participants become the main characters as they are thrown into the Dragon Quest world with an original story that fuses both digital and reality. The journey begins in the Kingdom of Onokogard.

Data Registration

Up to 4 people can form a party. Enter Onokogard Castle and choose your class - warrior, fighter, thief, or mage - and your name. Next, you'll receive an Adventure Book, which includes details of the adventure and a map, and the Adventure Seal, which you'll need to chat with characters' battle monsters. (*Groups of 1-3 may also participate. *Pamphlets, exhibits, and game videos are available in English, and Simplified and Traditional Chinese.)

Collect Information in the Town of Onokogard

Fans will love the exciting townscape reproduction, based on the original game world. Talk to townspeople, help them collect gold, and buy weapons to increase experience points. Don't worry if you've never played the game - even first-timers will enjoy this Dragon Quest adventure!

Level Up in Kita-no-Mori

Defeat random monsters appearing in the Kita-no-Mori (Northern Forest) to level up!

Finish Up at Demon Castle!

The goal of the game is to pass Demon Castle. It takes about 2 hours to reach this point, so feel free to take breaks or have a snack in between!

You can also participate in an additional side quest and take the test to join Robbin 'Ood's Merry Men!

Robbin 'Ood's Merry Men Enrollment Test Ticket Set (Admission ticket + side quest):
・Adults: 5,400-6,000 yen
・Children: 2,900-3,100 yen
*Prices vary by season


Crayon Shin-chan Adventure Park

There are also attractions for small children, such as Crayon Shin-chan Adventure Park, based on the favorite childhood anime, Crayon Shin-chan. This is an attraction the whole family can enjoy, from physical activities like zip lines and obstacle courses to brain battles and mystery-solving! (*Displays available in English, and Simplified and Traditional Chinese.)

Book Now ▶ Nijigen No Mori Crayon Shin-Chan Adventure Park Admission Ticket

Ora to Asobo! Nijigen no Mori!
You'll find a total of 54 figures of Shin-chan and friends in various poses throughout the park, which you can freely touch and take pictures with.

If you use the AR app, you can also participate in a stamp rally by scanning their QR codes with your smartphone. Some figures are hidden in hard-to-find places, so have fun searching for them! If you find them all, you'll receive a gift from the shop in Adventure Park!

Appare! Sengoku Daiboken!

Appare! Sengoku Daiboken! is a huge obstacle course based on the movie of the same name. There are a total of 4 courses of varying difficulty, including some for children.

Each course has an age requirement, and some may require a harness. The easiest children's course is only one meter off the ground, and open to kids from 4 years to elementary school age (must be 120cm or taller).

The hardest course is the thrilling Samurai Taisho Course, set 8 meters above ground (must be 120cm or taller). Also, don't worry if you get stuck halfway through - rescue will come to save the day!

Challenge! Action Mask Squadron!

In the Challenge! Action Mask Squadron! Course, you'll wear an Action Mask helmet as you glide over the 225-meter-wide pond on a 140-meter-long zip line. As you approach the goal, you'll also enjoy the thrill of being shot at with water guns by the evil Black Mekemeke Group! (*Children must be 120cm or taller to ride.)

There's also the "Ora no 'Bikkuri! Dokkiri! Omoshiro Horror House!'" for children 2 years and under, and the "Super Shiro Shutsugeki! Super Reverse Bungee!," at a height of about 6m from the ground.

(© Yoshito Usui / Futabasha / Shinei / TV Asahi / ADK)
(© Yoshito Usui / Futabasha / Shinei / TV Asahi / ADK 1993-2021)

Night Walk Hi-no-Tori

Night Walk Hi-no-Tori is a projection mapping attraction in the forest based on Osamu Tezuka's masterpiece, Hi-no-Tori (Phoenix).
Walk along the 1.2km path as you hold a black light and follow the map. Highlights include the Welcome Ceremony, where fireworks launch over the forest, forming the image of a magnificent Phoenix. The images and music bring this impressive fantasy world and original story to life!

・Time: Starts at 7:15PM (Last entry 7:30PM)

Book Now ▶ Nijigen No Mori Night Walk Firebird Admission Ticket

Recommended Food

Food trucks with light meals and drinks are available throughout the park near each attraction. There are also two restaurants, Mori no Terrace and Luida's Bar, which you can visit without entering any attractions. Crayon Shin-chan is free to enter, so you can also enjoy a meal there!

Mori no Terrace

Mori no Terrace has 250 seats, including terrace seats. The menu is full of dishes made with local specialties devised by Chef Haruyuki Yamashita of HAL YAMASHITA. There are also 14 super-popular Godzilla-themed dishes that you will only find here!

Godzilla Footprint Curry (1,848 yen *All prices include tax)

This delicious Awaji Black Curry has plenty of onions, but don't worry - it's not as spicy as it looks!

You can buy this Godzilla Cream Puff (550 yen) in the food cart next to Mori no Terrace.

In the summer, it is filled with ice cream. You can eat it at Mori no Terrace.

Hours: 11:00AM-8:00PM (Last order at 5:00PM)
*Subject to change depending on season

Luida's Bar

This restaurant is a reproduction of Luida's Bar in Dragon Quest. The menu features Dragon Quest Island collaboration dishes.

Homilot Gokigen Lunch Box (1,600 yen)

This lunch box featuring Homilot (Healslime) is so cute, you'll want to take a picture before taking a bite!

Dragon Quest Island Dessert Plate (1,800 yen)

This plate brings character-themed macaroons and cookies.

Hours: 11:00AM-8:30PM (Last order at 8:00PM)
*Subject to change depending on season

Recommended Souvenirs

The shops around the park offer a variety of limited-edition souvenirs. Some shops will allow you to visit without entering any attractions, including the shop on the immediate left of the Lot F entrance, the shop in Luida's Bar, the Crayon Shin-chan shop, the Tezuka Osamu bookstore, and the Mori no Terrace shop.

However, you can only visit the Konoha Shoten (inside Naruto & Boruto Shinobzato) and the Godzilla Shop (inside Godzilla Museum) from inside their respective attractions.

Konoha Shoten (Naruto & Boruto Shinob-zato)

Cute, practical character die-cut towels (506 yen each)

Godzilla Shop (Godzilla Museum)

The original and popular Godzilla Interception Operation Curry Pouches. The Godzilla curry is made with black beef, the King Ghidorah curry is keema curry, the Mothra Curry is white pork, and the Radon Curry is tomato chicken curry. (702 yen each)

Luida's Bar

Dragon Quest Island goods. From the left: Cap (3,850 yen), Mug (1,650 yen), Cap (2,750 yen), Plush Toy (2,200 yen).

*All prices in Dragon Quest Island are displayed in G (gold). 1G = 1 yen

Crayon Shin-chan Shop

Crayon Shin-chan goods. Back: Shiro Piggyback Backpack (4,950 yen), Front left: Pass Case (1,320 yen), Shin-chan Edwin Plush Toy (2,750 yen), Mug (1,100 yen).

Grand Chariot Hokuto Shichisei 135° Glamping Facility

Grand Chariot Hokuto Shichisei 135° is a villa-style glamping facility situated on the hills of Nijigen no Mori.

Hello Kitty Star Cocoon

The 23 guest rooms are called cocoons. Five of them are character-themed, including the Hello Kitty room, "Hello Kitty Star Cocoon", the Crayon Shin-chan room, "Ora no Cocoon", and the Naruto room, "Hokage Villa". There's even a cocoon that allows dogs!

Grilled Sukiyaki

For dinner, choose from three different HAL YAMASHITA New Japanese Cuisine Courses, supervised by Chef Haruyuki Yamashita, famous in both Tokyo and abroad. It's an exquisite treasure trove of food made with onions and beef from Awaji Island.

Health & Safety Measures
Disinfection measures taken - Sanitizer installed - Disinfected after each guest leaves - Ventilation measures in place - Coin trays used - Plastic partitions installed - Staff wear masks, gargle, wash hands regularly, and monitor body temperature - Limited capacity/increased space between seats - Buffet-style service suspended - Restricted admission, reservation system in place - Entry declined to anyone who is feeling unwell - Masks required/temperature check enforced.

Japanese anime and games are popular all over the world, and these five attractions show us just some of the many ways we can enjoy those worlds in real life.

You'll feel excited, you'll laugh, you'll even rack your brains as you immerse yourself in your favorite anime worlds, and become the main character of your own story!

Nijigen no Mori

Address:2425-2 Kusumoto, Awaji-shi, Hyogo 656-2301

Phone: 0799-64-7061 (Nijigen no Mori Office)
Hours: Attractions 10:00AM-10:00PM (Last entry 8:00PM)
(Varies by season)
Admission: Free admission, separate attraction fees apply (prices vary by attraction)
Closed: Open daily (may close in winter, please see official site for details)

Nijigen no Mori Official Website


Via Live Japan

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