Haneda Airport Garden: Enjoy a new Japanese cultural hub offering hot springs and delicious eats

Haneda Airport Garden: Enjoy a new Japanese cultural hub offering hot springs and delicious eats

by Miyuki Yajima
Live Japan

Tokyo Haneda Airport, the gateway to Japan, plays a vital role in first introducing visitors to the country. On January 31, 2023, Haneda Airport Garden, a complex directly connected to Terminal 3, opened, offering shopping facilities, delicious eats, cultural activities, hot springs, and other delights.

Here we will introduce Haneda Airport Garden and its highlights along with recommendations by our LIVE JAPAN editorial staff!

What is Haneda Airport Garden?

Haneda Airport Garden is a commercial complex directly connected to Haneda Airport Terminal 3 (formerly the International Terminal). It’s a wonderful new tourist spot in Tokyo with around 80 restaurants and retail stores, plus an airport hotel, natural hot spring facilities, an event hall, a bus terminal, and a parking lot.

Originally scheduled to open in spring 2020 but postponed due to the spread of Covid-19, the facility finally opened on January 31, 2023!

Main facilities at Haneda Airport Garden

Haneda Airport Garden consists mainly of the following facilities.

1. Sumitomo Fudosan Hotel Villa Fontaine Premier/Grand Haneda Airport: Stay at a hotel directly connected to the airport!

This airport hotel lets you conveniently check in from the baggage claim area with your cart in tow! Here you can enjoy two hotel brands: Villa Fontaine Premier Haneda Airport, centered around luxury and quality, and Villa Fontaine Grand Haneda Airport, a high-grade hotel brand focused on functionality and comfort. With 1,717 guest rooms, it’s the largest airport hotel in Japan.

2. Izumi Tenku no Yu Haneda Airport: Soak in a natural hot spring while plane spotting

Izumi Tenku no Yu Haneda Airport is a complete hot spring facility that is directly linked to the airport. It utilizes natural hot spring water extracted from about 1,500 meters underground and provides amenities such as bedrock baths and saunas.

Additionally, the dining and rest areas are accessible 24/7, which is helpful for those taking late-night or redeye flights. Moreover, the open-air bath provides a stunning panorama of airplanes, runways, and the Kawasaki industrial zone's night scenery. On clear days, you can even see Mt. Fuji!

3. Explore around 80 shops and restaurants offering Japanese culture, great eats, and shopping!

Indulge in a shopping spree at stores that offer a diverse range of products, including Japanese specialties, everyday essentials, travel and souvenir items, and exclusive purchases only available at Haneda Airport. In addition, there are restaurants and a food court that serve an array of local delicacies that showcase Japan's traditional cuisine. In total, there are around 80 stores to browse and explore!

4. Haneda Airport Garden Bus Terminal: Services Available in Any Weather!

This bus terminal is equipped to handle all types of weather conditions, providing travelers with a hassle-free mode of transportation directly from the airport, even during rain or snow. It eliminates the inconvenience of commuting to large-scale bus terminals such as Tokyo Station or Shinjuku Station. With this terminal in operation, Haneda Airport expects to generate a new wave of visitors traveling to and from regional cities.

At present, only a few buses are in service each day, but as Haneda Airport receives more visitors, this number is anticipated to grow.

5. Bellesalle Haneda Airport: Rental meeting rooms for seminars, events, exhibitions, and more!

This rental conference room and event hall has an area of over 1,000 square meters and ten meeting rooms all on a single floor. The facilities can accommodate a variety of events and international conferences!

How to get to Haneda Airport Garden

Haneda Airport Garden’s entrance is located in front of the arrival lobby on the second floor of Terminal 3. From here, you can head through the connecting walkway to the main area.

Basic business hours are as follows:
・Shopping and other services: 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.
・Restaurants and cafes: 8:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m.
(*Hours are shortened for the time being. Please check the official website for details.)

Explore the restaurant & food area offering Japanese classics and popular foods!

Haneda Airport Garden features a wide variety of dining options as well as famous and popular restaurants from all over the country! This includes Haneda Food Selection and Oedo Food Hall on the first and second floors, where you can enjoy a range of superb eats.

Japan Promenade: Enjoy Traditional Japanese Goods and Sweets!

Japan Promenade is located along the connecting passageway leading from Haneda Airport Garden’s entrance to the main floor. Here you’ll find 15 stores that offer Japanese trinkets, tea, sweets, and many other cultural enjoyments!

Haneda Sando: A shopping area with a unique Japanese feel!

Haneda Sando is an impressive area that resembles an approach to a shrine with a series of torii gates. Here you will find 17 stores selling sake, confectioneries, Japanese tableware, made-in-Japan apparel, and other trinkets perfect for taking home as souvenirs!

Haneda Collection: Collect items that will add to your travels!

Haneda Collection has a selection of stores centered around items you’ll want to add to your trip! This includes fashion items, bags, beauty products, and other goods that will make your trip more enjoyable and comfortable.

Find drugstores and convenience stores offering daily necessities, as well as Haneda-exclusive shops!

What’s more, Haneda Airport Garden has unique stores where you can find limited-edition items! There’s KOKUYODOORS, a stationery store directly operated by KOKUYO Co., Ltd., and TOBI-BITO SWEETS TOKYO, which sells local limited-edition sweets and items authorized by the Tokyo National Museum. You’ll also be able to find many drugstores and convenience stores that sell daily commodities and consumables.

LIVE JAPAN Editors Choice - Recommended shops at Haneda Airport Garden

(Editor's Choice #1) Izumi Tenku no Yu Haneda Airport: Enjoy soaking in a natural hot spring with a view of Mount Fuji and aircraft

The first of the many facilities that our LIVE JAPAN editorial staff member, Bella, recommends is the Izumi Tenku no Yu Haneda Airport, located on the 12th floor, at the top of Haneda Airport Garden.

The large public bath and sauna are open from 1:00 p.m. to 10:00 a.m. the following day, the bedrock bath is open from 1:00 p.m. to 9:00 a.m. the following day, and body care and scrub treatments are available from 1:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. (last admission at 10:30 p.m.). The facility itself is open 24 hours. When you have an early morning or late-night flight and want to stay at a hotel nearby the airport or relieve travel fatigue, this is a relaxing option that offers a place to eat, rest, or take a nap without worrying about the time!

Bathing is not permitted if you have a tattoo, unless it’s small enough to cover with a sticker. (*The size of three 100 yen coins (maximum) 118mm x 172mm, sold at the facility)

The view from the top floor is exceptional! The runway is right next to the facility, so you can feel the atmosphere of the airport and the planes taking off and landing.

Natural hot spring water gushes out from the basement of Haneda Airport and is amber in color with high salinity. These waters are said to be effective in relieving sensitivity to the cold and fatigue while moisturizing and retaining body heat.

On a clear day, the women's bath "Fujimi-no-Yu" provides a breathtaking view of Mt. Fuji, while the men's bath "Ginyoku-no-Yu" offers a scenic view of airplanes. Moreover, the open-air bath provides an incredible vista of the city nightscape.

Bella added, “Mt. Fuji is often depicted in Japanese public bathhouses, but to have a bath where you can see the real Mt. Fuji is very special!”

You can also enjoy carbonated baths and jacuzzies!

Amenities and basic necessities such as shampoo, body wash, toners, hair dryers, hair irons, etc., are provided. In addition to this, towels, toothbrushes, face masks, etc. can be purchased, so you can come hands-free.

The facility allows you to experience Japan's unique bath culture, which includes sauna and bedrock baths.

Here you can enjoy black germanium, lava rock, and rock salt bedrock baths!

“They don’t have many saunas or bedrock baths in other countries, so it should make for a very interesting experience!”

The 24-hour dining restaurant "Izumi Tenku" offers an original menu with Japanese sensibilities.

Mega-sized roast beef bowl

Beef curry

Here’s our two Mt. Fuji-themed recommendations: “Akafuji Gozen” (mega-sized roast beef bowl) and “Shirofuji Gozen” (beef curry).

The large windows open up to a magnificent sky and the Tama River below, giving the room a liberating feeling. Moreover, you can enjoy a view of Mt. Fuji on a sunny day!

Fees during your stay are managed by the barcode on your wristband, and you can pay with the automatic teller machine upon checking out.

Bella shared, “Guides for the machine come in many languages, making the process easy!"

Facility information
・Natural hot spring - Izumi Tenku no Yu - Haneda Airport (Website here)
- Adults (junior high school students and older): 4,800 yen (includes a face towel, bath towel, room wear, and bedrock bath admission)
- Children (four years old to elementary school student): 2,000 yen (with a face towel and bath towel)
Late-night charge (1:00 a.m. - 5:00 a.m.): Full day/4,000 yen 
*Bedrock baths are not available for children under junior high school age.
*Guests under the age of 18 are not allowed to use the baths after 10:00 p.m.

(Editor's Choice #2) Oedo Food Hall: Enjoy Edo delights made with Tokyo ingredients

The second spot Bella recommends is the Oedo Food Hall. At the airport, some people may want to eat at different times of the day due to the time difference. A characteristic of this food hall is that you can choose what you want to eat according to your mood!

As suggested by its name, Oedo Food Hall is themed around Edo (the old name for Tokyo), and a variety of dishes featuring ingredients from Tokyo.

Ramen is one of the world’s most popular Japanese dishes! Bella tried the highly reputed Edomae Tanrei Kiyami Soy Sauce Ramen—a light and refreshing ramen dish with a soy sauce base.

“The ramen has a very generous number of toppings! It's fun being able to choose your own!"

After you place your toppings, it’s time to dig in!
“It's very tasty! The soy sauce-based soup is not too thick, but the broth is strong. It’s light and the noodles and ingredients go well together.”

Bella raved, “I really recommend it because you can't get these plump & melty Japanese half-boiled eggs in the west! This ramen is one I would highly recommend eating at the start or end of a trip to Japan!”

(Editor's Choice #3) TOBI-BITO SWEETS TOKYO: Discover popular Japanese desserts and National Museum-approved goods!

TOBI-BITO SWEETS TOKYO offers a selection of unique desserts, from limited-edition local treats to department store-style confections. It’s even the first store in Japan to open a Tokyo National Museum-approved collaborative product.

This is the first store to open outside of the Tokyo National Museum! The confections, which feature famous paintings on their packages are so popular they go out of stock as soon as they come in!

It's rare to find such a collection of limited-edition local products. Here you can also get limited-edition flavors of popular Japanese sweets!

Among them, our editorial department's top recommendation is the “artistic shrimp rice cracker”. Each cracker is printed with Japanese artwork, making it a visually entertaining snack!

“It looks so pretty it's a shame to eat it, but ebisen (shrimp rice crackers) are very popular in Japan. You can keep the box after you eat it, so it makes for a great souvenir!”

(Editor's Choice #4) TOBI・BITO SOUVENIR TOKYO: Huge selection of souvenirs, from anime to traditional crafts and food

TOBI・BITO SOUVENIR TOKYO offers a variety of goods brimming with Japanese culture, such as anime merch and traditional crafts! Many typical Japanese souvenirs are available here.

“Compared to standard souvenir shops, there's more of a range in products that offer luxury and have Japanese patterns and designs!” our editor Bella commented as she picked up a kokeshi - a limbless, wooden doll and traditional Japanese handicraft. There’s a wide variety of kokeshi, from dolls with typical designs to those with modeled after characters.

Canned food is a perfect souvenir because it's a Japanese delicacy! Not only does it taste great, but it also preserves well.

Another editorial team favorite is this traditional gold leaf craft. Bella shared, “It’s well designed, very practical, and an item that will remind you of your trip to Japan. If you buy it before you leave, you won't have to worry about breaking it during your trip."

(Editor's Choice #5) KOKUYODOORS: First IoT vending machines for stationery in Japan


KOKUYO is a Japanese stationery manufacturer established in 1905. It’s opened a new stationery shop, KOKUYODOORS, in the hopes that it will be the world’s gateway to Japanese stationery and spark the interest of many visitors.

It houses Japan's first IoT vending machine for stationery. Japanese vending machines attract attention from abroad for their variety and uniqueness, and the IoT is the most advanced!

Bella added, “The large screen makes the text easy to read, and there are lots of videos and photos of the products. It’s easy to use even if you don't understand Japanese, because you can choose from four languages (Japanese, English, Chinese, and Korean).”

“Stationery fans will love the special boxes with surprises inside, as well as the special stationary sets that can only be purchased from the vending machines.”

“It's exciting to discover so many stationery items that I've never seen before," says Bella. Another perk is that you get to try them out and get a feel for the quality!

“The stationery sets are like candy bars—colorful, cute, and perfect for handing out as souvenirs!"

Erasers, glue tape, notepads, etc. are necessities and appreciated by everyone! They make for fantastic Japanese souvenirs because you can give them to anyone.

The shopping bag (fee required) can be used not only as a bag, but also as a notebook cover or document holder when folded along the line. Such functionality and playfulness are a testament to the high quality of Japanese stationery.

Many limited-edition items are only available at vending machines. There are also a variety of items that come as a set package, making them a great gift idea!

Enjoy the charms of Japan at Haneda Airport Garden!

Haneda Airport Garden provides visitors with an opportunity to indulge in various activities such as shopping, dining, and hot springs, in addition to other quintessential Japanese experiences. It is a destination that caters to both foreign visitors and locals alike. Be sure to drop by and explore the exclusive items and experiences that Haneda Airport has to offer!

*The information in this article is from March 15, 2023. Please check the official website for the latest information.



Address2-7-1 Haneda Airport, Ota-ku, Tokyo 144-0041

・Shopping and services: 8:00 a.m. - 9:00 p.m.
・Restaurants and cafes: 8:00 a.m. - 11:00 p.m.
*Please check the official website for details.


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