Exploring Japan: Tsunoshima fascinates visitors with magnificent view

Exploring Japan: Tsunoshima fascinates visitors with magnificent view

by Linda Cordes

Tsunoshima is one of my favorite places in Yamaguchi Prefecture. To be honest, I didn’t think there was going to be anything interesting beyond the spectacular bridge. When I looked it up online a few years ago, all I could find were pictures of the bridge so I just assumed that was all that was there. I was so wrong though.

The bridge is definitely amazing and beautiful, and I could just stare at it for a very long time.

Isn’t this gorgeous?!

Once you can tear yourself away from this area and drive across the bridge, you’ll see that there is a pretty little beach on the other side. It’s a few minutes after you cross the bridge. There’s a parking lot with a shop on the left where everyone parks and the beach is right across the street.

After playing on the beach for a little bit, I like to head to the Tsunoshima Lighthouse.

If you’re okay with heights, you can go up to the top and enjoy some spectacular views. There is a small entrance fee of about ¥150 to go up to the top.

After you finish exploring the lighthouse be sure to walk around the area behind it too. I came here with a friend of mine last year who had been to this lighthouse a few times already. When I started walking towards the water she asked me where I was going and I told her I was going to see the stone torii gate. She looked at me and she looked really puzzled. When I asked her if she had ever walked down behind the lighthouse before, she said no. I couldn’t believe it. I started walking faster, telling her about how beautiful it is and how I can’t believe she has never been! She said she always walked around the lighthouse and left. So, I took her down near the water and she LOVED it.

I might love walking around this area more than I love walking around the lighthouse! Just a little bit. 

The lighthouse looks beautiful from over here too.

Tsunoshima is less than three hours away from Iwakuni by car, which makes it a great day trip destination. 

If you like to camp, there is the Tsunoshimaohama Camping area. For information and reservations, you can call 083-786-0477. I recommend having someone who speaks Japanese call for you. The ITT office on base can call for you if you don’t know anyone who speaks Japanese.

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