Chestnuts ripe for picking near Misawa AB

Photos courtesy of Yoshihito Morita
Photos courtesy of Yoshihito Morita

Chestnuts ripe for picking near Misawa AB

by Takahiro Takiguchi
Stripes Japan

Now that the Autumnal Equinox has passed, we have now entered the harvest season.

Look around you and you will find not only the signs of autumn, but also the signs of seasonal foods for you to try.

In Japan, this season is blessed with countless tastes of autumn, such as sanma (Pacific saury), various mushrooms, persimmons, pears and other nuts and fruits, as well.

Autumn enters the mainland through Aomori Prefecture, home to Misawa Air Base, first. And now you can currently enjoy picking chestnuts in the area.

The Tohoku Town North Sports Park is a favorite spot for chestnut picking, to Yoshihito Morita, a worker of the Misawa Commissary.

“I haven’t missed a fall season since I was a child where I didn’t go to the park to pick chestnuts,” Morita said.

Why not enjoy an autumn activity by picking the taste of autumn yourself? Chestnuts are delicious when they are cooked as “kuri gohan” steamed rice and chestnuts.

In Misawa and other regions in Aomori, “inekari” rice reaping starts soon on the beginning of October, showcasing autumn gradually deepening into the cold season. So, enjoy autumn in Japan, as this pleasant season won’t last long.

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