BAIA: An elegant new addition to Tokyo’s nightlife scene

BAIA: An elegant new addition to Tokyo’s nightlife scene

by Nikhita Kaushik
Metropolis Magazine

Baia stands as a one-of-a-kind nightclub located just minutes away from Shibuya Station. Its distinctive blue hue radiates from the lighting that adorns the building’s cement-washed exterior, inviting you into a world of luxury, style and sophistication.

Despite being in operation for just a year, Baia has garnered significant attention and popularity among both local and international crowds, counting celebrities like David Beckham, Skrillex, and Ty Dolla $ign among its patrons. On September 22, the club celebrated its first anniversary, marking the occasion with an event attended by Tokyo’s nightlife elite. Both the nightclub’s director, Jason Levy, and Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Rina Negishi emphasize that there’s no other club quite like Baia in Tokyo and this distinction becomes evident upon our visit.

Baia draws inspiration from the ancient Roman city of Baiae, renowned among the Roman nobility for its legendary parties before sinking beneath the waves. The club prominently features marble and shades of turquoise, paying homage to the aesthetics and ambiance of its historical muse. As you step inside, you’ll notice pyramid-shaped embellishments and a serene, turquoise ambiance that underscores the elegance and opulence that Baia offers—qualities that set it apart from most clubs in Tokyo, according to Levy.

Raised in Brooklyn, New York, Levy brings with him experience as a Nightclub Director in the U.S. and Europe. His experience has played a pivotal role in establishing Baia’s sophisticated and high-end concept as a dominant force in the city’s nightlife scene.

Negishi emphasizes the club’s global appeal, which makes it alluring to international communities in Tokyo. Not only do DJs and artists travel to Tokyo to provide exceptional music, but the staff also ensures that all guests are warmly welcomed and well taken care of. When asked why Baia is the preferred venue for clubbing, one guest commented, “the staff is exceptionally kind and dedicated to ensuring your experience is exceptional”. Visitors also expressed their appreciation for the club’s stylish interior design and overall atmosphere. Negishi envisions Baia continuing to enhance its international presence and attracting even more global personalities.

From international DJs to regular clientele, Negishi points to the hospitality of the staff as one of the main factors continuously bringing people back to the venue. Commenting on the club’s appeal, one guest agreed, “The staff is exceptionally kind and dedicated to ensuring your experience is exceptional.” The club’s stylish design, courtesy of New York architect Roy Nachum and its diverse music policy were other big selling points for other club goers on the night of its first anniversary party. Negishi envisions Baia continuing to enhance its international presence in the years to come and attracting even more global personalities.

Baia encompasses four floors: the reception and bar area, the DJ booth and bar, a VIP room with karaoke and a rooftop balcony. While turquoise dominates the building’s color scheme, the club’s ambience can easily shift as colors are adjusted to match the desired vibe and theme. The second floor also provides a versatile space for functions and exhibitions to take place. Levy foresees Baia hosting high-end fashion events in this space in the near future, expanding the venue’s horizons to become much more than just a nightclub.

Baia has quickly developed a name for itself with its approach to refinement, elegance and global mindset. With its unwavering commitment to excellence, Baia is poised to continue thriving as a dominant force in Tokyo’s nightlife scene, promising an even more enticing future.

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