Top 5 running routes in Tokyo

“Life is complicated. Running is simple. Is it any wonder that people like to run?” - Kevin Nelson
Tokyo is...
Photo courtesy of Tree Cross Adventure

Let's have zippin' good time at adventure park near Atsugi!

Looking for an exciting outdoor experience to take your family or group of friends? How about a zip-lining course through a...
View from the Akechidaira overlook.

Ropeway provides amazing views in Nikko

The Akechidaira Ropeway, located just off the famous Irohazaka Winding Road in Nikkō, offers unsurpassable views over Lake...
Photos by James O'Leary

Exploring Fuji Five Lakes a family adventure

You probably know all about the Saiko Forest, ice caves and different views of Fuji, but what else is there to do around Japan's...

MY FAVES: Castles throughout Japan

Japan is home to many majestic castles. They are symbols of the country’s history, culture and pride.
Photos by Takahiro Takiguchi

Akihabara an electric town home to arcades, cafés and ... electronics!

Called Akiba for short, the Akihabara district of Tokyo is known as electric town. With hundreds of shops, ranging from tiny one-...

Time to discover the hidden islands of Tokyo


Swimming in crystal clear sea water in a hidden cove, hiking through an untouched forest and watching spectacular stars shoot...

Photos by Nano Betts

Exploring Tokyo’s hidden neighborhoods

I‘ve said it before – Tokyo is a city of thousand layers and there is a lot more to this sprawling metropolis than its biggest...

Atsugi spa a natural for healthy and smooth skin

Situated on the hilly terrain of Tanzawa mountain range, Nanasawa Onsen is a quiet and somber natural hot spring resort, known as...


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