SN Mary Fisher serves aboard Yokosuka-based USS Shiloh

Photo By Lt.j.g. Ashley Pestano | SN Mary Fisher is a sailor onboard USS Shiloh. Picture taken by PS3 Michelle Agi
Photo By Lt.j.g. Ashley Pestano | SN Mary Fisher is a sailor onboard USS Shiloh. Picture taken by PS3 Michelle Agi

SN Mary Fisher serves aboard Yokosuka-based USS Shiloh

by Lt.j.g. Ashley Pestano
Commander, Task Force 70 / Carrier Strike Group 5

Hailing from Hudson, Florida, Seaman Mary Fisher is serving aboard USS Shiloh, a Ticonderoga-class guided-missile cruiser (CG 67) conducting operations in the 7th Fleet area of operations, forward-deployed to Yokosuka, Japan.
After graduating Fivay High School, Mary worked in Home Depot for a year and decided to join the Navy “In order to change myself, to make my family proud, to be a source of inspiration to my sister, and to be a part of something greater than myself.” She enlisted in the Navy in Feb. 2021 and stepped onboard USS Shiloh in August 2021.
Mary currently serves as an Undesignated Seaman in Deck Division of the ship. We asked her what her usual workday looks like, she laughed as she replied, “It changes from day to day depending on the POD (Plan of the Day), but are we are responsible for the RAS (Replenishment at Sea), ship preservation, Priming and Painting, line handling, navigation and man overboard drills.”
She recognizes the significant part she plays as a teammate within her division, and appreciates the intensity, drive, camaraderie and adrenaline rush that comes up during evolutions. “At the end of the day, I am exhausted but fulfilled because I played a part in keeping my shipmates safe.”
Mary aspires to pursue a college degree and earn her masters in Homeland Security. She hopes to work in the Intelligence Sector for the U.S Government and continue protecting the interests and assets of her country. "In my time on the Shiloh, I have learned to be more confident and outspoken and I have gained experience and skills that will serve me to be better person in future.”
Despite the difficult demands of her job, Mary says she is motivated to keep going in order to prove to herself that she can do it, “I get that a lot of people do not believe in me, but this only motivates me more because I know that their doubts do not define me, I know I can do it,” she firmly states with a proud and determined look on her face. She is inspired by her parents’ optimistic outlook and attitude to life. “They have always made sure I feel loved and cared for regardless of how rough things get,” Mary says, “My dad is the comedian of the family and, like the rest of my family, always has something positive or funny to say to make me laugh. I know they will always be there for me whenever I need them.”
In her spare time, she enjoys embarking on adventures such as hiking and city exploring. She shared an account of her recent adventurous hike up Mt. Fuji, “The ascent up the mountain was gruesome and tough initially, and I realized that counting the stations at each stop made it seem like an endless journey. Fortunately I was with a great group of people who shared engaging and interesting stories along the way. We finally made it to the top and the view was absolutely divine and worth the arduous hike to the top. That’s one thing off my bucket list and I feel really accomplished to have done it!”
She also writes poems in her spare time, she shared a quote from her most recent piece titled “Tomorrow”, it goes… “My Weakness today will be my strength for tomorrow”. This sums up her personality as someone who draws strength and wisdom from her experiences.
A motivated and determined sailor, Seaman Mary Fisher is a highly valued and sought after expert, who contributes to the daily mission of USS Shiloh.

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