Tasty tempura lunch at a Yokohama's fishery port Koshiba Donburiya

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Tasty tempura lunch at a Yokohama's fishery port Koshiba Donburiya

by: Takahiro Takiguchi | Stripes Japan | May 25, 2018
Koshiba DonburiyaCuisine: Japanese
Price: n/a
Review: n/a
Hours: Friday - Sunday: 11:00-14:00
397 Shiba-cho, Kanazawa-ku
236-0012 Yokohama , 14
Phone: 045-701-8182
Menu: n/a

Located next to the Marine Park, Koshiba Donburiya is a popular tempura joint housed in an open shuck at a fishery port.

The shop offers conger eel and other fish brought to the port in the morning, along with locally produced fresh vegetables and mushrooms.

When I visited around 1 p.m., almost all the seats were occupied.

I ordered Sanshoku-don, a rice bowl with three tempura (conger eel, vegetables and mushroom) and miso soup for 1,100 yen.

Traditionally, Kanazawa district has been known for anago (conger eel) and shako (squilla) for hundreds of years.

The eel was very fresh and tasty. The soy-sauce based sweet broth went well with the thick and crispy tempura, which stood out the the chewy meat of the eel. The locally produced vegetables and mushrooms in season were also very fresh and tasty, and was a nice pairing with the rich flavor of eel.

Donburiya is a great eatery for lunch. But remember, it is open only lunchtime on weekends, and may close early when ingredients have run out. Visit there before noon on weekends
to assure yourself a taste of this local cuisine.

* May close earlier than 2 p.m. when sold out.