Have tasty dumplings at Ome’s Bonbon-tei

Have tasty dumplings at Ome’s Bonbon-tei

by Takahiro Takiguchi
Stripes Japan

Housed in Akatsuka Fujio Museum, a popular casual restaurant, Bonbon-tei offers a tasty dish called suigyoza (dumplings with soup).

Upon entering through an old wooden door, I could see the mountain cottage-like restaurant made up of high ceilings, wooden pillars and antique woodstove was fairly big - good enough for 30 customers.

The dumpling lunch set has four different soup options - curry, Italian tomato (minestrone), tantan (hot miso) with sesame and Thai coconuts. For 500 yen ($4.50), you get soup and dumplings, kimuchi pickles and and an option of pasta, somen (thin udon noodle) or grained rice.

I chose the tantan flavor and optional somen noodle for my lunch set. The thin and short somen noodles easily absorbed the rich flavor of the hot miso soup. The crispy dumplings stood out in the soup. Gyoza is usually a rich and oily Chinese dish, but the one at Bonbon-tei was not so oily or salty. That with the springy texture of somen noodle tasted like a Mediterranean pasta dish to me.

Hours:  Wed. – Mon., 11 a.m. – 9 p.m.
Location: 65 Sumiecho, Ome City, Tokyo
URL: www.bonbontei.jp/
TEL: 0428-23-0110

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