Tokyo parks: All that glitters is green

Tokyo Met. Park Association

Editor’s note: Japan’s largest metropolis may be a concrete jungle, but there’s also plenty of green space. Here are just a few.

Green hills and sports facilities
Akatsuka Park

Akatsuka Park Service Center
Tel: 3938-5715
• 8 minutes walk from [Takashimadaira Sta.] of Toei Subway Mita Line

This park extends to the east and west along the Takashimadaira Public Housing Complex and Tokyo Metropolitan Expressway No.5.
 The park is full of variety, featuring tall trees, a bird sanctuary and various athletic fields such as a baseball ground, tennis courts and a track field. The park was opened to the public in 1974.    

Green oasis in business area
Hibiya Park

Hibiya Park Administration Office
Tel: 3501-6428
Address: Hibiiya Koen 1-6, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo (Zip: 100-0012)
• 2-minute walk from [Hibiya Sta. of Tokyo-metro Hibiya Line, 2-minute walk from Kasumigaseki Sta. of Tokyo-metro Marunouchi Line and Chiyoda Line, 8-minute walk from Yuurakucho Sta. of JR Yamanote Line, parking facilities available.

The parkland used to be the palace area of the feudal load, Matsudaira Bizennokami, up until the end of the Edo period. Then it served as a military drilling ground during the early part of the Meiji period.

Later this park was designed and constructed as the first westernized urban-style park in Japan, and opened to the public in 1903.

Two outdoor music halls and the Hibiya public hall show enthusiasm of the park designer as a forerunner of culture.

Now we can enjoy beautiful flowers all the year around in the center of Marunouchi, one of the hottest business town in Japan.

Waterfront where greenery, water and people meet
Kasai Rinkai Park

Kasai Rinkai Park Service center
Tel: 5696-1331
Address: Rinkai-cho 6-2-1, Edogawa-ku, Tokyo (Zip: 134-0086)

This park is located in Kasai waterfront area along the Tokyo Bay looking across the broad, blue ocean. The park is divided into five separate zones under the theme of harmony among greenery, water and people.

This park is a relatively new one which was opened to the public in 1989 and the largest park in Tokyo 23 wards area. Since the opening, they have added the bird sanctuary zone in 1994, built an observation resthouse named “Crystal view” in 1995, and constructed a large Ferris wheel in 2001.

An aquarium and accommodation facilities are also located in the park. It will be a nice idea to drop in this park after you enjoyed visit to the Disney Land which locates nearby.

Ride on the water-bus from Odaiba to this park may also be a fun for ocean-breeze lovers.

A Children’s happy voices echo in the wind
Kinuta Park

Kinuta Park Service Center
Tel: 3700-0414
Address: Kinuta koen 1-1, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo (Zip: 157-0075)
• 20 minutes walk from [Yooga Sta.] of Tokyu Den-en-toshi Line,In front of [Bijyutukan Bus stop], Terminal bus stop on Tokyu Coach Bus for [Bijyutukan] departing from [Yooga Sta.] of Tokyu Den-en-toshi Line.

This park used to be a wide wooded area designated as one of commemorative projects in 1935 for 2,600th anniversary of National Foundation. Later in 1957, it was opened to the public and had been used as a municipal golf course which is the reason of its vast acreage of the grass.

Now this grass space is used as a family park where visitors enjoy picnic lunch, sunbathing and walking through tall trees. They also have a cycling course around a family park, camping area, bird sanctuary area, athletic area and so on.

One special feature of this park is a co-existence of the Setagaya Museum. Here you can enjoy natural beauty and arts together.

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