Speakin’ Japanese: Explore Yasukuni Shrine

Speakin’ Japanese: Explore Yasukuni Shrine

by Takahiro Takiguchi
Stripes Japan

Explore Yasukuni Shrine

Yasukuni Shrine enshrines warriors throughout the modern history of Japan. Visiting this attraction paints a picture of the turbulent history of imperial Japan and its wars. As the shrine is located near Imperial palace, Tokyo Station and other attractions, it will offer a great one-day stroll in the center of Tokyo.

Enjoy your visit to the shrine by using the following Japanese words and phrases.

“Yasukuni Jinja wa doko desu ka?” = Where is the Yasukuni Shrine? 

(“jinja” = shrine, “doko” = where)

“Yokosuka Kichi kara donokurai kakari masu ka?” = How long does it take from Yokosuka Base?

(“kichi” = base, “donokurai” = how long/much, “kakari masu ka?” = does it take? )

“Ookina torii desu ne?” = It is a large torii gate, isn’t it? 

(“ookina” = large, “desu ne?” = isn’t it?)

“Watashi no shashin wo totte kudasai.” = Please take a photo of me.

(“watashi” = I/me, “shashin” = photo, “totte” = take, “kudasai” = please) 

“Omikuji no hikikata wo oshiete kudasai.” = Please show me how to draw omikuji.

(“omikuji” = fortune slip, “hikikata” = how to draw, “oshiete” = tell/show me) 

“Hakubutsukan ni yotte ikimashoo.” = Let’s drop by the museum.

(“hakubutsukan” = museum, “yotte” = drop by, “ikimashoo” = let’s go)

“Nyuujooryoo wa oikura desu ka?” = How much is the admission?

(“nyuujooryoo” = admission, “.. wa oikura desu ka?” = how much is..)

“Kokode kyuukei shimashoo.” = Let’s take a rest here.

(“kokode” at here, “kyuukei” = rest, “shimashoo” = let’s do)

“Kono chikaku ni Kookyo ga arimasu.” = Imperial Palace is near here.

(“kono chikaku” = near here, “Kookyo” = Imperial Palace, “ga arimasu” = there is) 

“Onaka ga suki mashita.” = I am hungry.

“Ano omise de ohiru wo tabemashoo.” = Let’s eat lunch at the restaurant over there. 

(“ano” = that, “omise” = shop/restaurant, “ohiru” = lunch, “tabemashoo” = let’s eat)

“Oishii desu.” = It tastes good.

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