Speakin' Japanese: Onsen


Speakin' Japanese: Onsen

by: Stripes Japan | .
published: October 23, 2017

Speaking of hot springs

The Japanese love “onsen,” or hot springs, especially as temperatures cool in autumn. As you join those flocking to these natural spas for the weekend, try some of these useful words and phrases.
“Onsen ni ikitai desu.” = I want to go to hot springs.
 (“ni ikitai desu” =  want to go to. )

“Rotenburo wa arimasuka?” = Do you have an outside bath?

“Taoru wa arimasuka?” = Do you have a towel?

“Shampuu to rinsu wa arimasuka?” = Do you have shampoo and cream rinse?
(“arimasuka?” = Do you have?)

“Rotenburo” = outside bath
“Uchiburo” = inside bath
“Taoru” = towel
“Shampuu” = shampoo
“Rinsu” = hair conditioner
“Otoko yu wa docchi desuka?” = Which is for men?
(“… wa docchi desuka?” = Which is … ? )
“kono onsen wa atsui desu.” = This hot spring is hot.
“Atsui” = hot
“Nurui” = not hot enough
“Tsumetai” = cold
“Watashi wa nobose mashita.” = I feel dizzy.
“Onsen wa totemo kimochiii desu.” = This onsen feels very good.
(“totemo kimochiii desu" = feels very good.)
“Irezumi wa kinshi desu.” = Tattoos are prohibited.
(“wa kinshi desu.” = are/is prohibited.)
“Irezumi = tattoo
“Ii oyu deshita.” = That was a wonderful hot spring.
“ii” = good, wonderful
“oyu” = bath (hot spring.)


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