These Japanese vending machines sell Ippudo ramen broth - in a can!

Images: PR Times
Images: PR Times

These Japanese vending machines sell Ippudo ramen broth - in a can!

by Krys Suzuki
Live Japan

On chilly autumn nights after a long day of work, nothing beats a nice hot bowl of ramen. But what if your favorite ramen shop is closed when you get out? Do you simply head home on an empty stomach? Of course not! You swing by the nearest Japanese vending machine, and grab a can of ramen broth instead!

Coming this autumn to a Tokyo area JR train station near you, you'll be able to buy hot cans of delicious Ippudo ramen broth to keep you warm on the way home, right from the vending machine!

Your favorite ramen broth... in a can!

Despite the relaxing of Covid restrictions, some shops still practice shortened hours. This leaves some late-night commuters looking for a quick night-time ramen fix to hold them during the ride home. Enter Ippudo's ramen broth in a can!

Starting October 12, "Koku to Umami no Ippudo Ramen Soup" (Rich and Umami Ippudo Ramen Broth) will hit Acure vending machines in most East Japan Rail (JR East) train stations for only 150 yen per can. That's right - the creation of this delicious hot ramen broth was supervised by none other than Japan's famous ramen chain, Ippudo.

Koku to Umami no Ippudo Ramen Soup
・Price: 150 yen (tax included)
・Location: Acure vending machines in JR East train stations
Product page

Japan's vending machines also sell soup!?

Sales of soup and mineral water, arranged by time of day. The red line represents sales of soup; the blue line represents mineral water.

Canned soups aren't an uncommon sight in Japanese vending machines during the fall and winter. And in recent years, evening sales have skyrocketed.

To further expand their lineup, Acure - the company that operates these vending machines - has teamed up with Ippudo, one of Japan's top pioneers of modern ramen culture, to oversee the production of a drinkable tonkotsu broth.

Because it's in a can, it doesn't contain any chunks of meat, vegetables, or noodles, but don't let that fool you - the broth alone is so delicious, you won't believe it's from a vending machine!

A recipe for canned ramen

When asked about his thoughts on teaming up with a vending machine company, the head of Ippudo called it an "unprecedented challenge for Ippudo," being a completely different space from their usual ramen shops. However, he also recognized it as a greater opportunity to introduce Ippudo ramen to a wider variety of customers.

By making some adjustments to the original recipe, such as reducing the salt and oil content and the strong aroma and aftertaste, Ippudo managed to produce a simple, well-balanced broth with all the satisfaction of a bowl of ramen and the easy drinkability of a canned beverage.

Acure vending machine canned soup products

This fall and winter, you can also stay warm with some new canned soups! Here are some of the new products you can expect to find at an Acure vending machine around Tokyo.

Curry na Kibun Chukara

A drinkable canned curry with 10 different spices. Enjoy the taste of curry on its own, or pair with bread and onigiri (rice balls) for a complete meal! It's the perfect choice when you're in the mood for curry on the go!

・Manufacturer: Pokka Sapporo
・Price: 150 yen (tax included)

Hieshirazu-san Ginger Soy Milk Soup

A delicious warm soup made with ginger and soy milk to keep you warm on a chilly autumn night.

・Manufacturer: Nagatanien
・Price: 150 yen (tax included)

Whether you're looking for a warm soup on a cold night, need something light to hold you over until you arrive home without spoiling your appetite, or simply crave the delicious taste of Ippudo ramen, Acure vending machines have you covered.

You may even want to buy a few extras to bring home and cook with. The broth is so versatile, you can easily whip up an entire meal by adding your own meat, noodles, and vegetables!

In the wake of Covid, restaurants are finding new ways to attract customers outside of the actual stores. Train station vending machines are just one other point of contact that will create more opportunities for people to know and love Ippudo ramen beyond the restaurant!


Via Live Japan

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