Sushi 51 near Zama serves traditional eats, old favorites

Photos by Savannah Southerland
Photos by Savannah Southerland

Sushi 51 near Zama serves traditional eats, old favorites

by Savannah Southerland
Zama American High School 11th Grader

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Ever feel like having Japanese cuisine inside a familiar atmosphere? Do you want to sit down at a traditional western-styled restaurant while having access to your favorite sushi rolls? Sushi 51, a small restaurant near Camp Zama, offers just what you’re looking for.

The sushi joint along busy Route 51 between the Camp Zama and the Sagamihara Family Housing Area is a bit hidden between a Denny’s and 7/11.  However, what Sushi 51 lacks in size and prominence, it makes up for in quality food.

Upon entering Sushi 51, you’ll notice it isn’t your regular sushi-go-round. Here, customers are greeted with traditional Japanese decor with a touch of western influence. There is no computer to order, a server will take your order and the seating caters to the western population by offering traditional chairs and tables.

Grab your favorite Japanese starters like traditional miso soup or a bowl of edamame. Main courses include various types of sushi, including American-style rolls, seared fish and deliciously fresh sashimi. Don’t forget to try out their ice cream-based desserts for a post-sushi treat.

Sushi 51 has free parking behind the restaurant, but don’t forget to get the validation ticket at the register.

Much like the limited parking space, the seating at the restaurant is also limited. Since this is a small family-run restaurant, be ready to wait for a seat, especially on the weekend.

A great thing about this particular mom-and-pop is that it is, in fact, run by a couple and their daughter. The talented chef is the father and the mother-daughter duo run the register and wait on tables. The service as well as the food never ceases to amaze me, as the waitstaff is polite and attentive to their customers.

My family and I visit Sushi 51 often and I recommend this place to anyone looking for great ambiance, great service and great sushi.

Things to know
Address: Zama Sagamigaoka 1-17-47 1F 
GPS: 35°30’44.4”N 139°25’06.2”E
Hours: Lunch: 11:30 ~ 14:00; Dinner: 17:00 ~ 22:00; Closed Mondays
Parking: Limited paid parking, don’t forget to get a ticket at the register.
Dress: Casual
Payment: Yen and also accepts credit cards.

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