Speakin' Japanese: Tapioca Talk

Speakin' Japanese: Tapioca Talk

by Takahiro Takiguchi
Stripes Japan

Tapioca is booming in Japan. Why not take a break and enjoy the latest drink craze? 

The following Japanese words and phrases will help your tapioca break more cheerful.

“Tapi-ru?” = Let’s ‘do tapioca’, shall we?
(“Tapi-ru” = do/enjoy tapioca)

“Doko de tapi-ri masu ka?" = Where are we going to ‘do tapioca’?
(“Doko de” = at where) 

“Harajuku wa doo desu ka?” = How about Harajuku?
(“Wa doo desu ka?" = how about?)

“Ii desu ne.” = That’s a good idea.

“Tapioca miruku tii ga suki desu.” = I like tapioca milk tea.
(“Miruku tii” = milk tea, “suki” = like) 

“Oishii desu ne?” = This is delicious, isn’t it? 
 (“Oishii” = delicious, “desu ne?” = isn’t it?)

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