Ring in Japan’s cherry blossom season with special edition doughnuts at Mister Donut

Ring in Japan’s cherry blossom season with special edition doughnuts at Mister Donut

by Denisse Rauda
Stripes Japan

We’ve seen the sakura-themed Pocky, sakura-themed coffees and even sakura-themed cinnamon rolls already in Japan. Now you can add sakura and matcha donuts to the must-eat list of the spring 2021 season!

Japanese donut shop chain Mister Donut is releasing their own sakura and matcha concoctions. Starting March 12 through mid-April, the “Blooming Matcha” collection will feature five picture-perfect and delicious-looking donuts.

The range is a collaboration with a famous Japanese tea company, Gion Tsujiri, which was founded 161 years ago in Uji, Kyoto. Enjoy the combination of cherry blossom and exquisite matcha tea flavors in the spongy pastries Mister Donut is known for.

The five donuts that make up the Blooming Matcha collection include:

  • Sakura Mochito Uji Matcha Whipped (194 yen takeout/198 yen eat-in)

Uji matcha whipped cream is sandwiched between a soft, spongy donut made of sakura-flavored mochi and dough, topped with white chocolate and cherry-colored sprinkles.

  • Warabimochi Sakura An & Uji Matcha Whipped (216/220 yen)

A cherry-flavored yeast donut exterior conceals cherry bean paste, Uji matcha whipped cream, and warabimochi in its center. The donut is drizzled with delightful white chocolate stripes.

  • Warabimochi Sakura & Uji Matcha Whip (216/220yen)

Like the donut above, this one features the same cherry-flavored yeast donut exterior, but inside you get both cherry and matcha whipped cream, and a warabimochi square. This delicacy is dipped in Uji matcha chocolate ganache.

  • Sakuramochi Donuts Uji Matcha Chocolate (194 yen/198 yen)

 This sakura-flavored mochi dough ring is coated with Uji matcha chocolate and sprinkled with cherry-flavored sprinkles.

  • Sakuramochi Donut (194/198 yen)

 Sakuramochi-flavored mochito dough coated with white chocolate and cherry blossom glaze. Finished with Uji matcha chocolate.

Make plans to try one or all five of these before they’re gone!


With information from PR Newswire

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