Pantastic Bread Fair in Saitama May 26 - June 4

Photo: Katakura Industry Co., Ltd.
Photo: Katakura Industry Co., Ltd.

Pantastic Bread Fair in Saitama May 26 - June 4

by Kim
Japan Travel

Venue: Cocoon City Mall, Saitama When: May 26th - Jun 4th 2023

Bread has played a crucial role throughout history, serving as a staple food in various civilizations across the globe. Its significance extends beyond just a form of sustenance – it has shaped economies, cultures, and social structures. On a simpler level bread is delicious, with a comforting aroma, crunchy crust, and pillowy soft interior.

This universally loved culinary delight is being celebrated at the Pantastic Bread Fair at Saitama's Cocoon City Mall, which runs from late May until early June. The event name is a play on words (pan is the Japanese word for bread, which is combined with the word fantastic), and a variety of bakeries from across the country will be represented. The full lineup of who will be present can be found on the official event website, but do note that some bakeries are only staying for part of the event as opposed to every day.


The Cocoon City Mall has direct connectivity to Saitama-Shintoshin Station's East Exit.

For those who opt to drive, plentiful on-site parking is available. It's charged at 200 yen per 30 minute increment, but purchases made at select stores at the mall count towards parking validation.



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