New luxury steakhouse in Nishi-azabu

New luxury steakhouse in Nishi-azabu

by Tom Roseveare

Opening its doors in November 2014 is Flamme Scène – a new luxury, modern steakhouse in Nishi-Azabu. With a name derived from the French words for 'flame' and 'stage', Flamme Scène's visible open kitchen, with its large grill, flames and choice cuts of meat, quickly makes clear the thought behind its chosen moniker. With this stage a focal point for the restaurant's energy, customers can play the leading role in the performance that unfolds.

The Menu

The star of the Flamme Scène show is tankaku-gyu, or Japanese shorthorn, one of the rarest varieties of Japanese wagyu beef. Other choice cuts from the menu include US Angus Prime Beef, Iwachu Princess Pork​, New Zealand Spring Lamb and Kyogamo duck.

Tankakugyu is by far the rarest of four breeds of wagyu, representing 0.5% of all wagyu breeds (compare this to the 90% of kuroge, or Japanese Black). For this reason, it is often called the 'phantom wagyu' (maboroshi no wagyu) for its sheer rarity on the dinner menu. With the deep, rich taste of its red meat and relatively moderate levels of fat compared to marbled kuroge beef, those who opt to try tankakugyu will enjoy a supreme flavour and the signature wagyu soft, melt-in-the-mouth texture, even with the relative thickness of these steaks.

A wide range of hors d'oeuvres are available, that will compete for your attention while the flames gently cook your chosen steak in the background – melted Raclette cheese over seasonal vegetables, Pacific White Shrimp Cocktail, Red Seabream with yuzu vinegar, smoked salmon, and several more.

Desserts include Crêpe Suzette, miracle fruit, parfait aux fraises among several more, and make for an apt closing chapter to your steakhouse experience.

Brilliance meets comfort

With delicately arranged tables and chairs, the interior design at Flamme Scène exudes quality with its finely-balanced lighting. A refined ambience permeates the room creating a soothing setting. It's a space with just the right amount of brilliance and comfort and makes for a great dining experience.

Getting there

Nestled halfway between Roppongi station and Hiroo station on the Hibiya line, Flamme Scène is an easily accessible 10 minute walk from either station, located on Gaiennishi street, a few blocks north of a 7-eleven convenience store.

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