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Taste of Japan: Eatery inside museum in Yamaguchi offers local delicacies

Hagi, the old capital of Yamaguchi Prefecture, is a historical castle city from which Japan grew to become a modern society in the late 19th century.

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Take road trip on Japan highway for Miyagi’s gyutan grilled beef tongue

Japan’s rest areas are more than just gas stations and bathrooms. Many offer an extensive assortment of local foods, souvenirs and more.

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Taste of Tokyo: Celebrate SpongeBob at CAFE Secret Recipe in Shibuya until Nov. 4

Many people across the world grew up watching SpongeBob SquarePants. Well, now you can dive into the world firsthand!

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Kimpton Shinjuku Tokyo’s new tailored dining experience

Invite your friends, dates and pets for an extravagant summer night.

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Taste of Japan: Great meal under 1,000 yen at Nangokutei near Yokosuka NB

If you’re on a budget and looking for a delicious meal that is both filling and won’t break the bank, Nangokutei, a chain restaurant with a location near Yokosuka Naval Base, is a great place to go.

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Enjoy game for lunch near Hardy Barracks in Tokyo

There’s no denying that Tokyo’s food scene has a variety of options for even the pickiest of diners.

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Tokyo Summer 2024: Snooze with Snorlax in a Pokémon Sleep Suite!

What? Pokémon Sleep is evolving! The cozy phone app has taken things to the next level with adorable Pokémon Sleep rooms and food at Grand Hyatt Tokyo.

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VIDEO: Japan Kitchen: Cool off with lemon gelatin

When it comes to fruits that people love to eat, lemon may not be on the top of their list.

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VIDEO: Your tastebuds will sing with this simple, sweet passionfruit jam recipe

On a rainy day in late May, I visited Agarihama Ichiba, a local farmer’s market in Yonabaru Town. In search for some seasonal produce for a summer recipe to try, I had tomatoes, goya (bitter melon), or gumbos in mind.

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July 11 in Noodle Day in Japan: 5 best Japanese noodle dishes

July 11 is Noodle Day in Japan! Now is there a single person on this planet who does not like noodles?