KAPPA Sushi in Japan a delicious restaurant option

KAPPA Sushi in Japan a delicious restaurant option

by Edward Marczewski
Stripes Japan

Sushi is healthy and delicious and is favorite of many all around the world. I first tried sushi years many years ago in a sushi restaurant outside Yokota Air Base in Japan. I can’t remember exactly what raw fish combinations I ate at the time, but I do remember that it didn’t taste so great at the time.

Decades later, I believe I have become somewhat of a sushi connoisseur. Of course, I’m really not an expert, but I do believe I have some experience because I have been to a lot of sushi restaurants that sell reasonably priced sushi. I know that there are also very expensive sushi shops in Japan, but those are way out of my price range.

One that isn’t out of my price range and offers delicious food great service, is KAPPA Sushi in Hadano. I hope that all KAPPA franchises uphold the same standards that the one in Hadano does.

Here are my reasons why I enjoy KAPPA Sushi in Hadano:

  1. Fish is always fresh, the rice is delicious and the Nori (seaweed) is, too.
  2. Computer offers an English menu.
  3. Little plates for dipping your soy sauce.
  4. Real napkins at the table. It’s amazing how many other other places don’t have napkins.
  5. Drink bar. A lot of other sushi places do not have one.
  6. Pitchers of clean freshwater that you can bring to your table.
  7. They wooden chopsticks (not plastic!) at your table.
  8. Fresh all-you-can-eat ginger at your table.
  9. The condiments are nice. Soy sauce, wasabi and green tea and they also have ketchup, real white salt and black pepper which are easily obtained.
  10. A big important part is they have extremely big tables where you can sit and eat and then later talk and chat for a while.
  11. Presentation of the sushi is well done.
  12. Wonderful staff, friendly and kind.
  13. Soft jazz music plays in the background.

As you can see, there I have a lot of reasons to eat at KAPPA Sushi. And, hey, the price is right, so give it a try.

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