Irresistibly delicious!: 3 Tasty Japanese summertime sweets featuring cute characters

Irresistibly delicious!: 3 Tasty Japanese summertime sweets featuring cute characters

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Cute characters combined with colorful sweets - what’s not to love! This summer, you can get your hands on scrumptious “kawaii” treats featuring Pompompurin, Pikachu, Woodstock, and more! So tempt your taste buds and discover more below!

Only at FamilyMart: Pompompurin Soufflé Pudding

Pompompurin Souffle Pudding (298 yen including tax)

This appetizing collaboration sees mega-popular Sanrio character Pompompurin meet FamilyMart’s legendary soufflé pudding! The Pompompurin Souffle Pudding (298 yen including tax) was devised to commemorate the 25th anniversary of Pompompurin - and with pudding at the center of Pompompurin’s life, there’s no better way to celebrate!

Sitting atop the melt-in-your-mouth custard is a soft and fluffy caramel soufflé modeled after Pompompurin’s iconic brown hat. There are also three unique cup designs to tantalize collectors!

Pompom Cinnamoroll Macarons (378 yen including tax)

Also limited to FamilyMart is a delightful set of macarons featuring the Sanrio character Cinnamoroll. Presented in an exquisite box, the Pompom Cinnamoroll Macarons (378 yen including tax) sees Pompompurin as a king and Cinnamoroll as a prince in a heart-warming collaboration.

■ Available At:
All FamilyMart stores (excluding Okinawa)
* Limited supply, may not be available at some stores
* All images are just examples

The Pikachu Tokyo Banana: Available at NewDays with a Limited Supply!

Beloved by visitors from overseas, Tokyo Banana is a super-popular sweets shop that will supply a new series of Pikachu sponge cakes to 350 NewDays outlets across the Tohoku, Hokushin'etsu, and Kanto regions.

Pikachu Tokyo Banana “Catch ‘Em All” (set of two, 291 yen including tax)

Each pack contains two fluffy sponge cakes adorned by the delightful face of a happy Pikachu. The cake is based on the “Nanab Berry,” a berry often seen in the Pokémon world. Packed with a lavish helping of banana custard cream, even if you use “freeze” on it, it still retains its “electric” flavor while offering a great way to beat the heat!

There are 6 different Pikachu designs available, with the super-rare Pikachu tail version the envy of all Pokémon collectors.

There are also 6 different packages, each boasting a unique design - including ones with Pikachu winking adorably! Lining them all up and seeing Pikachu’s changing expression will surely fill your heart with joy!

■ Available At:
350 NewDays outlets across Tohoku, Hokushin'etsu, and Kanto

*Limited quantity available at each store. Sale will end when stock runs out
*Not available at some stores
©2021 Pokémon. ©1995-2021 Nintendo/Creatures Inc./GAME FREAK inc.

Refreshing Shaved Ice With Snoopy’s Friend Woodstock!

At the PEANUTS Cafe in Nakameguro, Tokyo, and Kobe, Hyogo, along with the PEANUTS DINER in Yokohama, the much-anticipated annual “Woodstock’s Shaved Ice” menu is making its return! Using Snoopy’s best friend Woodstock along with companions Raymond and Harriet as inspiration, refreshing “kakigori” flavored shaved ice will help keep you cool during the intense summer heat!

Woodstock’s Shaved Ice Eat-in (940 yen including tax)

Woodstock’s Shaved Ice is flavored with a refreshing blend of pineapple, orange, and lemon syrup alongside lemon-flavored cotton candy and whipped cream to bring Woodstock’s iconic crest to life. Pour on the accommodating passionfruit sauce and get stuck in!

Woodstock’s Shaved Ice Take-out (760 yen including tax)

The take-out version is flavored with passionfruit sauce, lemon foam, and lemon syrup, making it a little different from the regular edition. Underneath the ice lies a handful of real pineapple and orange, giving it an energizing, healthy touch. Bursting with the summery color of Woodstock, this refreshing treat is a great accompaniment on a hot day out!

Raymond’s Shaved Ice (940 yen including tax)

The one and only purple member of the Beagle Scouts, Raymond’s shaved ice is flavored with an exquisite purple syrup made from crisp and juicy grapes. It also comes with a helping of luscious grape sauce to drizzle over before jumping in.

Harriet’s Shaved Ice (940 yen including tax)

The lone female of the Beagle Scouts, Harriet’s Shaved Ice is a tropical mix of frozen mango, lemon, and mango syrup. Topped off with a helping of lemon-flavored cotton candy affixed with Harriet’s trademark pink ribbon, this version is undoubtedly the most eye-catching of the three. Of course, after taking a few bites, you can change the flavor by adding the accompanying passionfruit sauce.

Available Between:
June 11 - September 20, 2021

■Available At:
PEANUTS Cafe Nakameguro
2-16-7 Aobadai, Nakameguro, Tokyo

2F MARINE & WALK YOKOHAMA, 1-3-1, Shinko, Naka Ward, Yokohama, Kanagawa

1F PEANUTS HOTEL, 1-22-26, Nakayamatedori, Chuo Ward, Kobe, Hyogo

*Those who have ordered from the take-out menu can dine in-store at the PEANUTS Cafe in Nakameguro and Kobe; however, as the tax rate is different, a separate price will be charged (770 yen).
*The PEANUTS Cafe Kobe is take-out only. They also only serve Woodstock’s Shaved Ice
© 2021 Peanuts Worldwide LLC

These adorable sweets are a treat for both the eyes and taste buds! All are available for a limited time only, so don’t wait around! Don a mask and head to your nearest FamilyMart, NewDays, or PEANUTS Cafe/Diner to get your helping as soon as you can!

*The information presented in this article is accurate as of June 2021. Opening hours and prices are subject to change.


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