Hanami at bills: Celebrate Japan's cherry blossoms season at an Australian-renowned eatery

Take your tastebuds on an adventure through bills’ mouthwatering menu
Take your tastebuds on an adventure through bills’ mouthwatering menu

Hanami at bills: Celebrate Japan's cherry blossoms season at an Australian-renowned eatery

by Veronica Carnevale
Japan Travel

Venue: bills restaurants in Tokyo, Kanagawa, Osaka, and Fukuoka When: Mar 1st - Apr 9th 2023

bills, a Sydney, Australia-established restaurant, is welcoming Japan’s cherished cherry blossom season with festive sakura decorations and exclusive cherry blossom beverages from March 1st to April 9th across its eight restaurants in Kanagawa, Tokyo, Fukuoka, and Osaka. Stop by and enjoy hanami, or flower viewing, with delicious Aussie cuisine!

The stars—or should we say flowers—of this limited-time event are the cherry blossom-themed beverages—Cherry Blossom Soda and Cherry Blossom Gin. Both drinks are flavored with homemade syrup that combines cherry, plum, and thyme for a refreshing balance of sweet and sour. The soda variety includes lemon juice, and the alcoholic version adds gin and sake. Given their deep pink hues, the drinks perfectly complement the flowery decor.

Vegan granola, coconut yogurt, and fruit compote—yum!

Pair the springtime drinks with one of bills’ beautifully-plated and delectable meals. With numerous vegan and vegetarian options and flavors that span from sweet to savory, bills truly has dishes for everyone.

bills’ vegan yogurt bowl makes for an excellent sweet bite to start the day. The homemade granola is not too sweet and wonderfully complements the yogurt and fresh fruit compote with its savory notes.

bills’ famous avocado toast with cherry blossom drinks

Thanks to bills’ reputation as the world’s first restaurant to sell avocado toast, it is no surprise that its recipe is near perfection. Enjoy an entire avocado atop crunchy sourdough garnished with coriander and lime juice. The flavor combinations create a tasty bite akin to an elevated guacamole! Did we mention that the meal is vegan too?

Seasoned rice and sesame greens topped with a crispy egg, furikake, and plum tamarind chutney

For more substantial meals, try the eatery’s vegetarian rice bowl or vegan salad—both of which play with flavors and textures to create addicting dishes. The bowl’s brown rice topped with homemade furikake, a runny fried egg, and plum tamarind chutney will keep you coming back for its combination of savory, sweet, and spicy ingredients.

Celeriac and Ginger fritters, buckwheat, butter bean puree, yellow beetroot, and harissa

The salad, which has celeriac and ginger fritters, a hearty buckwheat-quinoa mixture, and a creamy butter bean puree, truly pushes the boundaries of a typical salad.

Show your love for cherry blossoms with a matcha latte

Although seemingly unconventional, bills’ festive decor and exclusive drinks are an excellent way to welcome in the treasured Japanese season. Don’t miss this limited-time event!




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