Every day is a Pot Luck at this Yokosuka café

Every day is a Pot Luck at this Yokosuka café

by Jessica A Paje

This time of year makes for some good biking weather, a hearty meal and a great cup of coffee. So, I took the bike out this week and decided to find a new spot for lunch. Cruising along, I headed south not knowing where or what the final destination would be. That was until I turned a corner and saw the doors to a small café propped open. The Key Coffee logo stopped me in my tracks. The enchanting menu signs, soft cream display and whimsical wind chime sold me. Welcome to Pot Luck in Yokosuka!

Seated in the middle of the naturally lit café, Pot Luck had an old-world feel to it surrounded by rich, mahogany woods, picture frames of dated New York City, and origami art. Yes, origami. I looked up and was quite curious if they were for sale or if they were just on display for patrons to admire. Mama-san cheerfully welcomed me to look around saying, “Dozo” and gestured to show there were more on the opposite side of the shelf. Baskets, boxes, nuns, and fish to name a few were colorful, neat and orderly. Kawaii!

The menu is simple and my kind of style for lunch. Easy to choose, quick to order and fast delivery makes an hour-long lunch seem like two. On this day I decided to go with White Cream Stew Sauce Spaghetti with an Iced Tea, ¥1,200. With a dash of Parmesan cheese here and there, it definitely felt like it was a plate made from home with love. The sauce is light and creamy with carrots, potatoes and chicken. It comes with a side salad dressed with Italian.

I enjoyed my first meal here so much I went back the next day (I promised I’d be back for a cup of coffee)! This time I wanted to try the Yokosuka Curry and Rice, ¥1,200. A little darker than my usual mild level, I liked that it was a beef option instead of pork. Served with steamed rice garnished with shimeji mushrooms and a dash of seaweed, the level of spiciness intensified, the more bites I took. But, it was good and flavorful indeed! This curry plate also came with a side salad.

Then it was time for my cup of coffee. Freshly brewed from Key Coffee beans, I enjoyed watching Mama-san make my cup with TLC. From her vintage teapot, she poured hot water over the coffee grounds and it smelled oh so good! The aroma, the bold taste and perfect temperature made for one of the best cups I’ve had in town!

Open daily from 11am-5pm (holiday Wednesday’s and 1st Friday of each month). Full menu available on weekdays including a homemade Japanese soup lunch from ¥1200-1300. Limited menu on weekends: Yokosuka Curry and White Cream Stew Sauce Spaghetti. Ice cream served all day, everyday!

The proud Owners of Pot Luck are Tomio & Kazuko Iwasaki; a very sweet couple who treat their customers with kind hearts. In the short conversation we had, Tomio recognized that I enjoy living in Japan. He stepped away and returned with a large brown bag. Filled to the brim with origami boxes all made by Kazuko, they gifted me with four cute ones that I’ll treasure for a long time.



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